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looking for an evaluation board with Intel Processor

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by david_embedded, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Any recommandation for a good evaluation board with Intel Processor?
    I found this one on the web. Has anyone used this board or bought anythin
    from this store before? Thanks!

    Evaluation Board with Intel® PXA270 Processor
    G-EB-PXA270 Evaluation Board with Intel® PXA270 Processor includes th
    peripherals useful for the development of PDA/Hand-held equipments
    Industry control, etc. It is an excellent design base for the actua
    system development.
    This reference board enables the engineer to develop the softwar
    simultaneously with the hardware development, which can expedite th
    overall system development period.


    CPU: Intel® PXA270 520 MHZ
    Memory: 32 Mbytes Flash, 64 Mbytes SDRAM
    I/O : IrDA port, RS-232C port, USB 1.1(Client), USB 1.1(Host), Etherne
    SD/Memory Stick socket
    CF socket
    PCMCIA socket
    LCD with touch panel (In color with 320 x 240)
    AC ’97 Codec Interface(Two earphones and one Micphone)
    Hardware Reset switch
    Expansion Bus
    Dimension 185*130 mm
    JTAG port

    PXA270 Evaluation Board
    Cable for Jflash
    Serial Cable
    CD-ROM including:
    Design Information
    User’s manual
    BSP Install Guide
    Update Bootloader using Jtag Guide
    Download Image using PCMCIA Network Card Guide
    BOM of PXA270 Evaluation Board
    Datasheets of the primary components
    Circuit diagram( .pdf )
    JFlash binary
    Image binary
    Bootloader binary
    BSP for Windows CE.NET 4.2(Board Support Package)
    Source code files in the Windows CE.NET BSP
    Kernel: Cache, memory mapping, memory controller initialization, interrup
    controller, OS timers, Real Time Clock(RTC), thumb support, data aborts
    Performance Monitoring Unit(PMU), and Branch Target Buffer(BTB)
    Display driver – 320*240
    Touch panel driver
    Audio driver
    Ethernet driver: CS8900 Ethernet
    Serial driver
    USB driver (USB1.1 Client/Host)
    CF driver
    PCMCIA driver
    SD/MMC driver

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    david_embedded, Sep 27, 2005
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