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looking for details on data format for Radio Shack wireless thermometer

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Mark, Oct 3, 2004.

  1. Mark

    Mark Guest


    I am hoping to convert a RS wireless thermometer (model 63-1030 ) into a
    thermostat, by interpreting the received data and processing it in a
    separate micro. Has anyone got any details on the protocol or code they
    could share?

    I found a bit of information in this article :
    www.tinaja.com/glib/muse151.pdf but I'm hoping someone may have some info
    on how to scale the data and convert to engineering units. I know how to do
    that, but the temperatures corresponding to 0 and FFFFFF counts are not
    described anywhere.

    It's too bad Radio Shack didn't add a few more features to make a wireless
    thermostat, as they sell for much more than this $49 USD device.


    Mark, Oct 3, 2004
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  2. Then you have to do it yourself.

    Take a calibrated thermometer, put into a cup of cold water and also
    insert your sensor into it. Note the reading on the calibrated
    thermometer as well as on your digital system.

    Repeat the test in a cup with hot water.

    From this, you can calculate the required scaling, assuming that the
    sensor responses in a linear manner. If not, you have to repeat the
    test in many more temperatures, plot the results and try to fit a
    higher degree curve between your measurements.

    Paul Keinanen, Oct 3, 2004
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