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Looking for suggestions on building a 'dream' computer

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Brad, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. Brad

    Brad Guest

    For the computer knowledgable and savvy people.

    Looking to get a new system and the company will be paying for it ( or most
    of it) so im looking to put together an awesome system that could make me
    the king of my block for awhile.....

    .....so overkill is encouraged. :)

    My current computer cost about $1000 a few years back, so if the 'dream'
    system runs up to say $6000, i would like to know about. ( i know one can
    assemble a system for $20 K so im trying to keep within reason )

    Im asking if some of you hardware informed people may give me your 2 cents
    on what I could shop for. Even if the component needs to be specially
    ordered from the manufacturer because stores rarely carry it ( perhaps cause
    its expensive or not in much demand), I still would like to hear about it. I
    have a very good understanding of most components but not as in touch with
    the highest-end performance parts

    Im thinking something such as:

    - Dual ( or even 4 ??) CPU MB
    - fast cpu's to fill those multiple slots.
    - 1 to 2 gigs ram
    - the best gaming video card ( note that I want to support multiple
    monitors..2 hopefully 3 and being able to video input cable tv at times)
    - hard drive: running 4, 200gb drives in raid or something like that.. or
    whatever gets the fastest speed

    All ideas are welcome. thank you
    Post thoughts here so others amy share in or email bwps (@) shaw.ca
    Brad, Aug 23, 2004
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  2. Brad

    JK Guest

    Dual Opteron 250 processors would be nice.
    2 gigs would be nice.
    A 6800 Ultra card would be nice.
    Some smaller 10,000 rpm drives for speed, and some 250 gig 7200
    rpm drives might be an interesting idea.
    JK, Aug 23, 2004
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  3. Brad

    Carter Lee Guest

    My suggestion is don't get a PC, get a server.

    Carter Lee, Aug 23, 2004

  4. You mad?! The X800XT blows it out of the water!
    Here's the system I've just built

    ASUS SK8V Deluxe board
    2GB PC3200 OCZ
    X800 Pro (couldn't get the XT)
    SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro
    2x75GB 10K Raptors
    1x250GB Caviar (all SATA obviously)
    Plextor DVD burner (though this will be replaced at the beginning of next
    year with one of the new 8.5GB units)
    Samsung combi (for convenience and when I need to burn a CD in a hurry -
    it's twice as fast as the Plextor)
    Coolermaster WaveMaster case
    Tagan SilentPower 500W PSU (and it *IS* silent!)
    Logitech iTouch combi (Bluetooth)
    If you're a gamer (which you obviously are) - the you owe it to yourself to
    get a MX700 or MX900 (Bluetooth) - they are the most accurate and most
    responsive gaming mice currently available. Coupled with a RatpadzGS (Gaming
    Surface) - they will (sorry for the advertising cliche) take your gaming
    experience to a whole new level.

    Whilst I'm not really a gamer (not in the sense of FPS, flight sims, RTS,
    etc) I do play (OK, I guess adventures, RPGs and management don't really
    count - I can't wait for /Rollercoaster Tycoon 3/ or /The Sims 2/ for

    Just my 2p (inc. VAT)'s worth.
    Miss Perspicacia Tick, Aug 23, 2004
  5. Brad

    J. Clarke Guest

    Forget the 4 CPU unless you're running Linux--the only Windows versions that
    support more than 2 are Advanced Server and above and you're not going to
    get those within your $6K budget.

    For duals the Opterons are a better deal than Xeons, but you're still
    looking at 1500 or so bucks worth of CPUs if you go with the highest clock
    speed. Running Windows you won't see a whole lot of difference between
    Opteron and Xeon unless you want to try the 64-bit beta (free download from
    Microsoft, 1-year time-bomb).
    Not going to get 3 with good performance on all of them until somebody ships
    a motherboard with 2 PCI Express 16X slots--the only AGP boards that
    support 3 or more monitors are from Matrox and their gaming performance is
    marginal at best. Duals with AGP just pick whatever's hot right now. Note
    that you can get dual DVI with nvidia boards for a good deal less than with
    ATI boards.
    Within your budget 15K SCSI drives are probably out--a couple of WD Raptors,
    one for boot and one for swap, plus 3 250s RAID-5ed for data would be a
    good combo. Hook them all to an Intel or LSI Logic or 3Ware RAID
    controller, not a Promise cheapie.
    J. Clarke, Aug 23, 2004
  6. Brad

    liam Guest

    Here's the system I've just built
    WTF Would you want a system like that for if you don't use it for FPS or
    Flight Sims/Racing Sims.

    What Frame Rate do you get with Solitare ?
    Do you suffer from Lag with Internet Hearts.?

    Why don't you get an 8 Meg Bonded SDSL connection for your e-mail. ?

    Have you got some £2.50 headphones for your soundblaster ?

    How's the 14" Monitor running at 640 * 480 ?

    What a fookin Tosser you are ?
    liam, Aug 23, 2004
  7. Brad

    sheer Guest

    Now now keep the claws in girls. :)
    sheer, Aug 23, 2004
  8. Brad

    Scotter Guest

    Depends on what you want this system to do.
    I'll assume some of the most demanding tasks things like:
    (a) 3d gaming
    (b) 3d rendering
    (c) audio/video editing, encoding, burning
    (d) compiling
    (e) database searching

    Someone here mentioned a board with dual opteron 250's. Yes! I would start
    there. I have some experience building high-end PC's (but not with a $6,000
    budget! Wow.) so I'll give my two cents.

    Dual Opteron 250's - makes for much better multitasking. Try having a single
    FX-51 like I do and multitasking sucks.
    Not sure what motherboard but I bet some other learned person on here will
    recommend a great one.
    Four 200 gig SATA drives mirrored and striped so you have performance AND
    data safety. OR if you price this thing out and have lots of extra money,
    get fastest SCSI instead of SATA.
    If you go SATA route, depending on your motherboard, you may need to get a
    RAID card.
    FOUR gig of fastest dual channel RAM your motherboard supports.
    BFG's 6800 Ultra OC - someone here said the XT800 is faster or something.
    They are mostly wrong. The XT800 is not much more than a souped up ATi 9800;
    The 6800 line is new technology and much more advanced. I won't go into
    details but you can research this and find your truth. Most modern cards
    will support two monitors simultaneously.
    Lian Li case. Get whichever one you want. I just recommend this brand for
    cases. Research and see why. They rock.
    Antec True power supply. Get a biggy like over 500.
    Get a name-brand DVD/CD burner like Sony or something. You usually can't go
    wrong with Sony.

    System built January 2004:
    FX-51 on MSI K8T800 Master-2 FAR board
    Nvidia 5950 Ultra 256meg
    1 gig fast DDR ram (two 512MB sticks)
    two 160gig SATA drives mirrored
    Lian-LI PC70 case
    Antec True 480
    blah blah blah
    Scotter, Aug 23, 2004
  9. Brad

    Grant Guest

    If you wanna see extreme overkill, check these out:


    Grant, Aug 23, 2004
  10. Brad

    skiman Guest

    Well if the system is for fun and work

    Get the VapoChill Extreme Edition Case, it will keep your CPU @ -25C
    MOBO - ABIT AV8 3rd Eye (should be on the street next week)
    Athlon FX-53 939
    OCZ 1024MB Kit PC-3200 Dual Channel EL DDR (512 x 2) 2-3-2-6
    ATI x800XT PE
    WD 740GD 74GB 10K RPM 5.2ms RAPTOR S-ATA (run 2 of these bad boys in RAID 1)

    This setup should deliver some EXTREME fun and performance.
    skiman, Aug 23, 2004
  11. Brad

    CBFalconer Guest

    Just insist on ECC memory (and an ECC capable chipset). You also
    want to be sure you can mount Linux, or FreeBSD, etc.
    CBFalconer, Aug 23, 2004
  12. Because the fastest I can get here is 2Mbit (DSL speed is measured in Mbits,
    not megabytes you f*ckwit).

    Nope I have some £45 headphones with mic. I also have a set of Logitech

    I wouldn't know - I can't see it from here - you tell me.

    As that's a question (not that it makes any sense as one) - I am not.

    If you wish to see the "fookin tosser" suggest you look in the mirror. If
    you must know I am a designer. I use graphic intensive packages such as
    Adobe Creative Suite, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, etc.

    I have two monitors - a 21" CRT and a 19" LCD. I have two printers - a Canon
    i9950 and an Epson R800. I am considering the purchase of a mono laser. I
    have a 2Mbit DSL connection and I'm satsified. I cannot get any faster here
    unless I get cable and it isn't available.

    Don't worry - when you're a big boy, and have a job (how much do they pay
    for flipping burgers at McD's these days?) you, too, can have a decent
    system. Until then, you'll have to remain jealous and stick with your P166.
    Miss Perspicacia Tick, Aug 23, 2004
  13. Brad

    kony Guest

    Remember that in a few years, whatever you get will seem a little
    sub-par again. Start with a good foundation, parts you will want
    to reuse in the future.

    For example, a very thick-walled aluminum, nearly full tower case
    supporting BTX regardless of which ATX/BTX you build "today". PC
    Power & Cooling PSU. 19-21" LCD monitor, nice speakers. 4 years
    from now those will still be a nice start to rebuild from.

    As for the rest, depends on where you need max performance,
    keeping in mind that max performance in areas you'll never
    exploit, will just be added heat and noise, power usage. I would
    go for 2GB memory though, on a machine with that budget.
    kony, Aug 23, 2004
  14. When did I mention Megabytes ? what the **** do you think the M stands for
    in Mbits ?
    And haven't you heard of Bonding ADSL ?
    And I wouldn't know how much they pay at McDonalds but maybe I'll ask one of
    my 3 kids in a few years time when they are your supervisor.
    And as for big boy I run my own Engineering Company employing 30 people.
    Also when the **** has Dreamweaver or Acrobat been Graphic Intensive ?

    And I am not jealous in the slightest about your system but I bet you do....
    OOOO look he can render 1 sec faster than mine must get the XT now
    FuK_U_MissPerspicacia_Tick, Aug 23, 2004
  15. LMAO. Dream on you moose.

    Synapse Syndrome, Aug 24, 2004
  16. Brad

    Almeyda Guest

    liam ur a dick.... just cause u cant get one.


    AMD2500XP @3200XP-11X200-2.21Ghz
    A7N8X-E Deluxe > Corsair TWINX1024 XMS3200LL DualChannel
    HIS Excalibur 9800XT 256mb @463/399 (Omegas 2.5.51 & ATI tool 0.20 No
    1x80GB SATA Seagate 8mg cache > 2x40GB ATA Seagate
    SB AudigyES > ANTEC SuperLanboy 350 Case (350W SmartBlue PS)
    Almeyda, Aug 24, 2004
  17. Brad

    no name Guest

    I just built my own UBER-class machine.
    Tyan S2668ANR dual Xeon motherboard
    2GB DDR memory
    dual Xeons running at 2.8Ghz 533fsb 512K L2 cache
    Gainward GeForce FX5900 Golden Sample video 8X AGP
    two each Maxtor ATA133 disks (120GB each)
    Antec Plusview 1080 tower case
    Antec True550 EPS12V power supply
    (motherboard wont run without a Tyan approved power supply!)
    Pinnacle AV/DV videio capture board

    I already had the AV/DV board but the other stuff cost about $1900 US.

    I'm not one to jump to the front of the curve so I chose technology
    that has been around for a couple of years, or basically the stuff
    that recently came way down in price.
    no name, Aug 24, 2004
  18. *shakes head*

    I can build you a system for a few million (how much are the Altix 3000 superclusters going for
    these days) how is that for reasonable?
    Intelligence would probably be the first thing you should look into buying.
    *shakes head*
    The highest end computer systems will cost upwards of $50,000 per rack mount (something in the range
    of Intel Itanium 2's)
    *shakes head*
    For $6,000 you could probably buy 2 or 3 low grade rack mounts.
    For $6,000? That's pretty pathetic, you could probably afford upwards of 8 gigs on your budget.
    Well now see that just raises all sorts of questions. I mean are you talking about just a card with
    a TV tuner or are you talking about being able to capture as well? And if so what resolution,
    format and bit rate are you looking to encode in?
    Why bother? Just use one drive in the system and then get yourself a mobile rack removable drive
    setup if you need extra storage.
    You know the thing of it is, it's like you're trying to build "OMG WTF TEH MOST POWERFUL SYSTEM
    EVAR" and you're naive enough to think $6,000 is even a drop in the bucket for a system that could
    be truly considered that. It sounds more like what you want is a "cool" or "unique" LOOKING system.
    Check this out (my brothers system): http://www.meow.org/flonk/Josh-System-Visual-Upgrades?page=1

    Now that's just an old Athlon 900Mhz system with 128mb of memory, but it looks 8 shades of absolute
    badass. That's because the concentration was put on style rather than just trying to buy a lot of
    expensive component to try and get speed that wasn't even needed for the applications that he
    regularly uses. The upgrades you see on that link, yeah, the visual stuff didn't cost more than a
    $150...granted it was all some assembly required, no instructions, figure it out for yourself, but
    it wasn't expensive.

    So really, you need to decide if you just want a few butt ugly boring generic brand box mounts
    sitting in your living room which isn't really going to impress anyone unless they're just REALLY
    familiar with Ghz and terabytes and what not. Or do you want to go for STYLE that will REALLY
    impress your average laymen (someone like you, who obviously doesn't know much about the subject).

    Think about it, if you walked into a room and saw this:
    or this:
    which would you THINK was the "faster"/"better" system, just off hand?
    Onideus Mad Hatter, Aug 24, 2004
  19. ....huh?

    How would a "server" NOT be a PC? Well I suppose if you setup a Mac as a server... o_O
    Onideus Mad Hatter, Aug 24, 2004
  20. Those are actually pretty gawd damn lame looking if you ask me. Not really very spectacular
    component wise either.
    Onideus Mad Hatter, Aug 24, 2004
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