Looks like my GA-7N400 Pro2 died

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Doorg Reater, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. Doorg Reater

    Doorg Reater Guest

    Actually, it did not die but is badly crippled.
    It worked fine for 30 days with Athlon XP 1800+ and 2x512MB DDR400
    (Corsair Value Select). I ran the memory at 266MHz.
    Last Sunday while working with Windows XP I suddenly got BSOD, and
    since then the only way I could get the computer to work was by
    removing one memory module, disabling every on-board feature (network,
    audio, ports, etc.) and reducing the CPU speed to 100MHz.

    Should I assume that the mainboard is now totally screwed up and ripe
    for contacting Gigabyte for warranty replacement?

    (Stupid thing had to got screwed up exactly 30 days after purchase -
    when the Fry's ruturn policy expired :( )
    Doorg Reater, Oct 23, 2003
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  2. Doorg Reater

    Doorg Reater Guest

    Follow up:

    I have been able to get Windows XP to boot successfully, by ebabling
    one on-board feature at a time. Strange, when I enabled them all at
    once, I was not able to boot Windows - it would report errors writing
    to disk.

    OK so this seems to have been a problem with the Corsair Value Select
    memory and Windows and not the mainboard.

    Disabling all the on-board features triggered the Windows activation
    feature -- stupid Microsoft, I will have to call them on the phone,
    because they will not accept on-line activation -- I get the message
    that "this copy has been installed too often" -- which isn't true, I
    just had a whole bunch of mainboards failing in the last few months
    (MSI, Epox, Biostar).
    Doorg Reater, Oct 23, 2003
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