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low-power-cons, low-cost, uP+DSP combo for H.264 video encoding &control/monitor application

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by b_dutta, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. b_dutta

    b_dutta Guest


    Seeking some recommendations for embedded low-power (definitely
    fanless) uP + DSP that can handle H.264 Basic profile encoding, for
    VGA frames @ 30fps (or more) with 30% (atleast) motion. At the moment,
    DaVinci seems the closest choice, but for the price-points I am
    looking at, DaVinci's are still about 40% more expensive. Blackfin
    seem the second best choice, but are lack horsepower on DSP end
    (apparently from some reports) for the kind of H.264 heavylifting.

    Given the dual objective of low-power (consumption), and low-cost, are
    FPGA's a viable alternative ? What could be the potential pitfalls of
    using FPGA, as against a DSP.

    Application context is ruggedized, semi-mobile/portable, communication
    (VoIP over 3G), control/monitoring device. Control is for resistive
    load equipment upto 1KW, and monitoring some sensors.

    b_dutta, Jun 25, 2010
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  2. b_dutta

    b_dutta Guest

    Why ? Qualify your statement.
    While I do not recollect a specific processor or it's part number,
    going by the specs, and app notes and checking prices at digikey the
    ~40% price difference is what I found between somewhat similarly specd
    DaVinci and Blackfin. When I say similarly spec'd, I mean processors
    whose app notes state similar usage profile.
    Don't have the processor number, but this was a dual-processor on a
    die, meant for video applications.
    If I say 'Yes, I am a stupident', will you be help any more ? If not,
    I'd choose to ignore arsenic licking trolls.
    Are yiou a stupident ?
    I am sure you do. Are those the only ones, or do you know few more ?
    b_dutta, Jun 26, 2010
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  3. b_dutta

    Stargazer Guest

    According to digikey.com, the cheapest DaVinci that can do H.264 is
    DM365 for ~$25 and the most expensive is 1GHz DM6467 for ~$150. That
    is, H.264-capable DaVincis have 600% price difference between them -
    so, it *is* important to state which DaVinci you consider 40% above
    your budget.

    In higher qtys and with right distributor it should be possible to get
    prices 30-50% better than listed on digikey.com

    Stargazer, Jun 27, 2010
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