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Low Profile Conroe Cooler 11.5cm or lower needed.

Discussion in 'Overclocking' started by Aussie Paladin, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Low Profile Conroe Cooler 11.5cm or lower needed.

    Must be quiet and efficent even at lower fan RPM. Nice to be quiet at
    maximum as well.

    The cooler is 11.8, but I have a little more room than 11.5, its just
    under 12cm. If all else fails I can remove the top bit of the cooler
    and that shoudl make the room needed.

    My choice at the moment is a ASUS V-60 cooler.


    Its going into a combined HTPC-Gameing machine. The current cooler
    just can't cut it Zalman 8000 cooler. I'am going to duct the hot air
    our the top and some cool air from the back to the cooler. Or
    maybenot, depends on how well it coolers with the cooling I have. I
    have added 2 80mm fans to each side of the case. I love my Dremel :)

    Thanks for any ideas thoughts and or help :)

    Aussie Paladin, Apr 8, 2007
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  2. Aussie Paladin

    omegand Guest

    I went with the Zalman 9700LED. From what I read in reviews, this one
    out did the Thermaltake Big Typhoon. But both are excellent.
    omegand, Apr 17, 2007
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