M2NPV-VM, time to give up?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Erland Sommarskog, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. I built a machine last summer with M2NPV-VM, 2 GB of memory (2 * Kingston
    1 GB, PC2-667) and an Athlon X2 4200+. I had problems to get it to work
    first, but I got tips from this newsgroup to reduce memory speed and got
    the system working decently. Except that when I requested a reboot from
    Windows XP, the machine would fail to initiate the boot sequence and
    power off.

    Today, I downlaaded and flashed the latest BIOS version, 0705. The good
    news was that I was now able to run memory at full speed. The reboot
    problem remained, though. The only difference was that now the machine
    would not power down, but stay powered on in limbo, boot sequeence never

    I then proceeded to install Vista Ultimate. First attempts failed with
    the machine powering off in the middle of it all. Looking the logs, it
    seemed that HD audio was the problem so I turned that off, and installation
    was now able to complete. It was just that about on every second start of
    the OS, the machine would power down during Windows boot sequence. Next
    start would be OK. Vista did not seem to have problem with requesting a

    I downloaded the latest chipset driver for WinXP in hope that it would
    resolve the reboot problem, but instead starting of WinXP could also lead
    to power-down. As I kept on playing around, I also started experience this
    power-down when I was in the BIOS setup. I have tried clocking down
    memory, and also running with only one 1 GB stick, but it did not make
    any difference.

    In the Vista event log I found that each time the machine booted, it
    produced a triplet of "IRQARB: ACPI BIOS does not contain an IRQ for the
    device in PCI slot...", but it may be unrelated.

    I remember from last summer that some people had a low opinion on this
    board. I'm considering in getting something else. But what should I
    avoid? ASUS or NVIDIA? Or both? A local vendor in town seems to have
    M2V K8T890 in store. Is that a good choice?

    I'm not into gaming, and I don't use my computer for media-centre stuff,
    but main program development for SQL Server.
    Erland Sommarskog, Mar 4, 2007
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  2. I ended up getting an M2NPV-MX, or almost the same as I had. The M2V card
    does not have VGA built-in, and there were not many cheap graphics cards
    available. Other boards with graphics on them only had 10/100 Lan which is
    a bit tacky.

    Anyway, mounted the card, started my OS:s etc, and everything seems to be
    working fine this far. Except that I found that I had installed the 32-bit
    version of Vista!
    Erland Sommarskog, Mar 5, 2007
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