Mac sales in mild decline

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Alan Browne, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. Alan Browne

    Alan Browne Guest

    Doh! I'll blame it on a typo 'cause that's damned convenient and for
    that matter right.

    Clarification - I had a computer running about 98 to 2003 and there were
    no Y2K issues. Whether that was solved by a patch before then or not, I
    don't recall.
    Alan Browne, Apr 27, 2014
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  2. Wow, you must have had the first computer to run for over 1900 years.
    In fact, you must have had the first computer period, in the 1st
    century. Run into any Y1K (or Y.1K) problems?

    Martin Frost me at invalid stanford daht edu, Apr 27, 2014
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  3. Alan Browne

    John Albert Guest

    Heh. One of the very first things I did when I got my late
    2012 Mac Mini was to turn Gatekeeper OFF.

    I don't want the OS to tell me what I can run or can't run.
    Whether I make mistakes or not, I want that decision to rest
    with ME.

    Whatever happend to "the power to be your best" ?????
    John Albert, Apr 27, 2014
  4. Alan Browne

    Guest Guest

    that's an incredibly stupid thing to do.
    the decision always rests with you.

    gatekeeper's default setting blocks unsigned apps which is a signal
    that you should investigate whether or not that app is safe to run.

    if you decide the app is legitimate, simply right-click and select
    open. it's a one-time thing and all subsequent launches will just work
    without issue.

    if you decide it's not safe, drag it to the trash and be glad that it
    caught a potential risk.
    it's always been there.
    Guest, Apr 27, 2014
  5. Alan Browne

    Alan Browne Guest

    It does not appear to be heading there at all. There are 3 flavours to
    getting and installing s/w (4 if you count what you write for yourself).

    As it is it's a sensible balance of gatekeeping v. risk and reward.

    (I leave it off on my iMac and on on my SO's MBA. I don't know how my
    son has it set).
    Alan Browne, Apr 27, 2014
  6. Alan Browne

    George Kerby Guest

    Fear of "The Force"?
    George Kerby, Apr 27, 2014
  7. Alan Browne

    George Kerby Guest

    I *KNEW* it!!!
    George Kerby, Apr 27, 2014
  8. Alan Browne

    Your Name Guest

    I can't remember what date it was thought to be from, but there was a
    "computer" found in a Mediterranean ancient shipwreck.
    Your Name, Apr 27, 2014
  9. Alan Browne

    Lewis Guest

    That is a foolish thing to do. Gatekeeper is a very effective tool at
    preventing unknown apps from running.
    That's not what gatekeeper does. It WARNS you when an application that
    has never been launched before is launching. This is a useful security
    level to have.
    Lewis, Apr 27, 2014
  10. Alan Browne

    Lewis Guest

    Yes, ANALcysts are in the habit of reporting their guesses and opinions
    as if they were well-researched facts. They aren't, they are guesses and

    We know that people are holding onto computers longer. That is a fact.
    We know people are buying tablets. That is a fact. We do not know
    anything at all about if those two things are linked.

    For the record, I have several computers that are 5 years old and are
    still perfectly usable and useful machines for the majority of modern
    computer tasks I need a computer for. This has never been true in the
    past. I cannot even begin to imagine using a 233Mhz Bondi iMac in 2003 for
    anything but the most rudimentary tasks, while my 2009 mini and 2009 MBP
    are capable of doing just about everything my 2012 machines can do.
    Lewis, Apr 27, 2014
  11. Alan Browne

    Lewis Guest

    What the hell are you smoking?
    Third Party apps that have been written CORRECTLY for things like
    Core Audio, Core Animation, and Core Image are just fine. Apps that want
    to do custom dibbling, had to be updated for the new GPUs. As is always
    the case.
    That very much depends on the "real application" you choose to use. It
    rips the shit out of any other machine in video, for example.
    Lewis, Apr 27, 2014
  12. Alan Browne

    Lewis Guest

    The plural of anecdote is not data.
    Lewis, Apr 27, 2014
  13. Alan Browne

    Alan Browne Guest

    I may be mistaking what "gatekeeper" is - if it's the bit that gives you
    a warning about new apps running, then yes, I do have that on.

    What I have off, and what John may be referring to as well, is the
    feature that blocks installing apps in the first place (the three level
    feature that only allows App Store apps, identified developers and

    And even with that set to "anywhere" I do of course get the warning when
    an app is run the first time. I don't object to that one at all.
    Alan Browne, Apr 27, 2014
  14. Alan Browne

    Alan Browne Guest

    The WSJ does not deal in "guess" pieces nor reporters who work so.
    Tablets aren't exactly new anymore. I know a lot of people who have all
    but abandoned their desktops/laptops but are now on their second iPad.
    They are information consumers, not particularly enamored with computers
    and not looking to ever get one again.
    You are nowhere near typical and of course as a sample of one that's
    statistically irrelevant.
    Alan Browne, Apr 28, 2014
  15. Alan Browne

    Alan Browne Guest

    Yeah - I finally got the memo.
    Alan Browne, Apr 28, 2014
  16. Alan Browne

    Alan Browne Guest

    Funny how you use your own anecdotes as "evidence" but reject that of
    Alan Browne, Apr 28, 2014
  17. Alan Browne

    Lewis Guest

    That is part of gatekeeper.
    There si nothing that blocks INSTALLING Apps. There is an option to
    prevent apps running that are not signed (this is the default) but it
    does not prevent the apps being installed. It doesn't even prevent them
    running, it just warns you first, and if the app is unsigned, it forces
    you to rclick->open the app instead of just double clicking it.

    This is a very useful security feature so that you know when you are
    running an app that is not signed with a developer certificate.

    Open Source apps are not signed, most everything else is, regardless of
    where it comes from. If you get a utility that is unsigned, you might
    want that extra little step to remind you that this app is a bit riskier
    than others.
    And I don't object to the unsigned warning. A couple of times it's
    caused me to take a much closer look at an application.

    It also keeps other people from running tings willy nilly because they
    don't know about rclick->Open.

    My 80yo Dad is set to Mac App Store only so he can't accidentally launch
    anything. Everyone else's computer is MAS/signed.
    Lewis, Apr 28, 2014
  18. Alan Browne

    Lewis Guest

    The WSJ's main focus is entirely guess work. It is a newspaper written
    by and for lotto players.
    The plural of anecdote is not data.
    Right, I am not typical. So if a 5 year old machine is still good for
    me, imagine in the hands of a typical computer user? It's got another 5
    years of life in it, at least.
    Lewis, Apr 28, 2014
  19. Alan Browne

    Lewis Guest

    But that is not what I did. We already established that people ae
    holding onto computers longer. I merely posted a first-hand example of
    why that might be (5 year old machines are perfectly capable and do not
    need to be replaced to run current apps).
    Lewis, Apr 28, 2014
  20. Alan Browne

    John Guest

    Antikythera device. From around about the time that jewish fella did
    his thing.
    It should not exist. Yet it does. Someone was a fiddler of
    extraordinary skill and patience. That is craftsmanship of an
    extremely high order.
    There's WickedPeeing on it at and some quite good
    linkies therefrom.
    It's an intriguing mechanism. The guy that made them, and there must
    have been a "them" as a singular machine would have been headline news
    worldwide at the time, must have been a patient OCD genius.
    I love the name. It's so SF.
    John, Apr 28, 2014
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