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Discussion in 'Apple' started by Derek Currie, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. Derek Currie

    Derek Currie Guest

    Hi Mac Security readers!

    This message is in two sections:

    - First is a proposal to start a Mac Security dedicated eGroup.

    - Second is a thank you, and a sorry, with an brief explanation of
    why I write this weekly post.


    -> Part 1: Mac Security eGroup

    One of my readers asked if I could start a listserv dedicated to
    Macintosh security. My own Internet server is dedicated to providing FTP
    services to about 900 clients. So that's out of the question. However, I
    am a veteran at administering eGroups. I currently run a rare music
    group at Yahoo, and would be glad to run another group there for those
    interested in news and discussion of Macintosh security.

    The eGroup would be kept open to anyone who wanted to join. All members
    will be encouraged to post Mac Security information. I will post my
    weekly summary reports to the eGroup as well as to the current
    newsgroups. Members will be welcome to comment on any Mac security
    related issues. Spammers, flamers and trolls will be banned at my
    personal discretion as well as by request from the membership.

    I am not sure what the 'interest density' (as I call it) will be
    regarding such a group. Therefore, I am soliciting feedback here in this
    thread, both pro and con. All useful thoughts will be appreciated.


    -> Part 2: Thanks, sorry, and why I write 'Mac Security'

    Thank you for the appreciation I have been receiving! Encouragement is

    And, 'Sorry, but I disagree' to the fellow who thought summarizing Mac
    security issues each week was pointless, and that everyone should gather
    this information from the net on their own.

    My purposes for writing this series of articles are to:

    1) Point out that the anti-Mac security FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt)
    that has been perpetrated recently is worthless, if not outright lies.
    Something in the style of my 'Mac Security' posts are what I would much
    rather see on the net. FUD is destructive. My goal is to instead be

    2) Present the actual facts concerning Mac security issues as compared
    with those of Windows.

    3) Encourage Mac users to practice responsible security while providing
    suggestions of methods.

    4) Present the Mac security summary I know I would be interested in
    finding and reading on the net. As far as I know I am the only person
    creating these weekly summaries. I think the venerable newsgroups are a
    great place to post them. Someone suggested starting a dedicated
    website. I could do that, but I think the large newsgroup audience, at
    least for now, is considerably preferable.

    Because I cross-post to both Mac advocacy (aka computer warz) newsgroups
    as well as Mac OS X system newsgroups I have to consider what writing
    style is suitable for the reader cultures of both these types of groups.
    As a result I am striving to drop the computer warz attitude, just for
    this series. The summaries may now be a bit stiff for the warz veterans.
    But my goal is to maintain a profession style that is characteristic of
    the systems veterans. This is the best compromise.

    Share and Enjoy,


    Fortune Magazine, 11-29-05: What's your computer setup today?
    Frederick Brooks: I happily use a Macintosh. It's not been equalled for ease
    of use, and I want my computer to be a tool, not a challenge.
    [Frederick Brooks is the author of 'The Mythical Man Month'. He spearheaded
    the movement to modernize computer software engineering in 1975]
    Derek Currie, Jul 2, 2006
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