Mac/Windows PCs cannot see each other...

Discussion in 'Apple' started by winston19842005, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Yes, I realize I've seen related posts. But my mac isn't DOD, Nor is
    there an internet problem...

    System details: Mini-Mac running 10.4.9. Acer laptop running Windows

    Anyway, I've got a laptop connected to a Belkin router via WEP, my
    mini-Mac is wired to it, they both connect to the internet. (The mini
    also is setup for WEP as well, but since it is conveniently located on
    the desk with the router at present, I just left it hooked up and
    turned off the wireless...)

    But they don't see each other. I've tried accessing my Mac via the
    computer name it tells me, I've tried using Windows Vista's browse
    network, and they just don't see each other.

    I originally had the same issues with a Motorola router - which I had
    to replace as it started losing internet connections.

    I don't really know where to start. Years ago, I had similar
    difficulties getting two Windows PCs to see each other across a simple
    hub. But once I rebooted several times, both machines (huffing up and
    down those stairs in the house I used to live in) they'd finally see
    each other and there'd be no further issues...

    Appreciate any help or pointers - I've been trying for 3 weeks now
    (during my spare time, about 1 to 2 hours a week...)

    winston19842005, Apr 13, 2007
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  2. Define "see" each-other? What protocols do you want to use? What
    protocols are enabled? If you know the IP addresses of each box, try to
    ping each one from the other. If this does not work you need to fix
    your routing.

    Service announcements over specific protocols is another matter, but you
    will never get there without a route at the IP level.

    Assuming Vista browse network is some sort of CIFS/SMB thingy, then make
    sure you have "Windows Sharing" enabled in the Sharing System Prefs.
    Clever Monkey, Apr 13, 2007
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  3. Ok, after some "tweaking" of Symantec, I was able to access my wife's
    Vista computer using Finder's "Connect to Server", where it accepted
    her user/pw to access the "Public" folder - but not the Guest
    password, which I guess isn't configured for remote access.

    The other way is proving more difficult. I have enabled "Personal File
    Sharing" and "Windows Sharing" in Network Prefs, and the PC is now
    seeing my computer. But whenever I attempt to sign-on using her
    account on my mac ("Julie" is enabled under "Windows sharing") it
    gives unable to connect, check username/password.

    It then resets the username box to "julie-pc\Julie". This is
    confusing, why not just her account on the mac, Julie? It also
    truncates my computer name from "BEN-YATES-COMPUTER" TO "BEN-YATES-

    Yes, the connection is smb.

    Oh, WAIT!

    I just changed the username box to "BEN-YATES-COMPU\Julie" and it is
    now working. Why is the computer name being truncated? The full
    computer name was the default given by the Mac...

    Anyway, why wasn't Network Discovery on the PC able to find the Mac,
    and the Mac able to automatically see the PC (like they advertise)?
    winston19842005, Apr 13, 2007
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