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machine check exception in MPC566

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by rajesh shaw, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. rajesh shaw

    rajesh shaw Guest

    Dear All,

    We are working with MPC566EVB and CodeWarrior Compiler8.1 for coding ou
    application. Our flow of code is like this.

    We are calling a “contoller()” function with in a main() and this functio
    is performing a large no. of floating point calculations. Fo
    initialization, we are using a 565_axiom_flash_init.cfg file in whic
    necessary registers/bits are initialized that supports floating poin
    operations and other MPC566 instructions. After compiling/building, we ar
    downloading the application in Internal Flash and then trying to execute i
    from debugger.

    While debugging, we are able to see the mixed (both C and Assembly) Cod
    in our main.c file. Now, as soon as we step into the “controller()
    function, a “machine_check_exception” is generated.

    Following is the assembly code for the “controller()” function and th
    instruction at which this exception occurred:


    00002510: 942180E0 stwu rsp,-32544(rsp)

    00002514: 7C0802A6 mflr r0

    00002518: 90017F24 stw r0,32548(rsp)

    0000251C: 39617F20 addi r11,rsp,32544

    00002520: 48006745 bl __save_fpr (0x8c64)

    00002524: BDC17E48 stmw r14,32328(rsp)

    00002528: 7C3F0B78 mr r31,rsp

    0000252C: 80010000 lwz r0,0(rsp)

    00002530: 3D60FFFE lis r11,-2

    00002534: 396B19F0 addi r11,r11,6640

    00002538: 7C01596E stwux r0,rsp,r11 <-------- at this Instruction it i
    jumping to "machine check exception"

    0000253C: C84D8048 lfd fp2,-32696(r13)

    double rtb_Abs_h;

    double rtb_Sum1;

    double rtb_Product3;

    double rtb_Saturation3;





    //machine check exception assembly code

    00002290: 00000000 dc.l 0x00000000; Invalid opcode '....'
    00002294: 4E800020 blr

    Can anyone please help on this problem?

    rajesh shaw, Jul 31, 2006
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