MacOS X printing very slow--almost broken vs. MacOS 9

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Michael Vilain, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. I've seen a significant difference in the time that various MacOS X
    applications print mixed documents over MacOS 9. I first noticed in a
    CD label printing program (Label Printer Pro). One of their basic
    labels with minimal text took 11 minutes to print on MacOS X and only 60
    seconds or so on MacOS 9. I went with another program (Discus) that
    wasn't so bad (only 3 minutes for a plain text label). I'm printing on
    a Apple LaserWriter Pro 630 with the standard 8MB memory. I tried
    various printer options like the Photogray and smooth font, all make
    little difference if the file was just text with fancy wrap arounds and
    no graphics. The vendor said "We're rewriting it as a Cocoa application
    next year" but I chose not to buy it.

    I created an Appleworks 6 slide presentation with mixed jpeg (12-30K
    graphics files) and plain Helvetica text. It took over 30 minutes to
    print the 9 page document on X and only 3 minutes on OS 9.

    Near as I can tell, the central printing method on OS 9 funnels
    application output to a printer through a driver that translates the
    document into postscript. In this case, it's the LaserWriter Printer
    driver. I think MacOS X leaves the postscript translation of output to
    applications (UNIX, as a rule, doesn't offer this driver-level
    translation service). Some documents are converted to HUGE postscript
    files that take forever to print. And when I specify multiple copies,
    the printer isn't told to print (n) copies of each page like on OS 9,
    but the file is sent multiple times to the printer.

    I've tried this on MacOS X 10.2.6 and 10.2.8 but not Panther, so if it's
    fixed then that's another reason to buy the upgrade. Has anyone else
    notice this painfully slow printing? What do you do about it? It
    almost makes printing from MacOS X documents unusable. At least I still
    have applications that work on both 9 and X, so I can boot to 9 and
    print if I have to.

    Has anyone logged a bug report with Apple about this? I searched to
    technical library and didn't find anything. Some pointers would be
    Michael Vilain, Nov 15, 2003
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  2. Printing under all previous versions of OS X could be glacial, but I've
    noticed a very distinct speed improvement, virtually across the app
    board, under Panther. In general, Panther speeds up everything and
    printing definitely got a major and very noticeable boost on my
    hardware. I cannot cmpare it to OS 9 as I haven't had the need to boot
    into it for many moons now.
    John Steinberg, Nov 15, 2003
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