"MacWorld Creative Pro" 2003 Experience

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Davoud, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. Davoud

    Davoud Guest

    Here is my experience. I traveled from my home near Annapolis,
    Maryland, by AMTRAK.

    This year's show, the last in New York, was a mere shadow of last
    year's. Missing from the action this year: Microsoft, Adobe, Quark,
    Filemaker, and many small vendors that had offered nifty niche
    products. OWC had a nice (and busy) shop last year (I bought a 120GB
    external FW drive), but were also absent this year, and so lost out on
    the sale of a 250GB drive. Out in force this year: HP, Xerox, Epson,
    Nikon, Canon (really going after Nikon in cameras and after Epson in
    printers). ATI was there, Belkin, MacAlly, Griffin, etc. The
    MacWarehouse Internet Cafe wasn't a cafe this year; only a bunch of
    Macs connected to the Internet. Apple's display was smaller. There was
    a wireless network operating, but I and everyone I asked had trouble
    connecting from the show floor -- good signal, got an IP address, but
    no Internet action. Out in the lobby was a different story; sitting in
    the food area with a slightly weaker signal I had a very fast
    connection and was able to handle my e-mail &c with ease.

    The new G5: I had the opportunity to lay my hands on two Dual 2K units,
    one running Photoshop and another running Final Cut Pro. The debate
    about benchmarking techniques is moot; the debate about relative speed
    is moot. These computers are fast absolutely, full stop. The case looks
    to my eye more industrial than elegant, but it's OK with me, because
    I'm unlikely to buy one. Predictably, none of the Apple folks could or
    would discuss future PowerBooks. (But see my separate opinion piece on
    this subject.)

    Highlight of my visit: B&H Photo (outstanding NY
    camera/video/AV/telescope/Mac/God-knows-what-else store) had people
    stationed on the sidewalk outside the Javits Center and at a small
    booth inside. They had a slick "MacWorld Show Special" brochure. I had
    a B&H shopping list anyway, but I was delighted that they had a free
    two-way shuttle that ran every 10 minutes between the Javits Center and
    their 34th St. store. (It's an easy walk to their store, but it did
    rain a bit, then it was muggy, and I was carrying my TiBook in its
    Targa bag with extra battery and other stuff, so I was glad for the
    ride. The ride also put me most of the way back to Penn Station.) As
    luck would have it, three of the items that were on my shopping list
    were in their MWNY special flyer: the new Canon i9100 printer, the
    Canon A70 digital camera, and a 256MB Compact Flash card.

    i9100: I was able to print one of my own images on this baby at MW.
    This is easily the best color printer that I have ever seen. Most
    on-line sellers are asking $500. B&H today: $450. My print-graphics
    clients are going to live it.

    Canon A-70: top-rated 3.2 megapixel camera with manual overrides. This
    is an anniversary gift for my wife. Elsewhere, $300; B&H today: $280.

    SanDisk 256MB Ultra CF card for above: Elsewhere, $80; B&H today: $72.

    The other item on my list, an "AF Micro Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D Macro
    Autofocus Lens" for my Nikon SLR's (two film, one D100) was not on the
    MWNY specials list, but after I bought it they gave me a form for a $35

    No sales tax if you live outside the state of NY; pay in the store, and
    they ship.

    I wasn't the only one on the B&H bus, by the way; it was full for just
    about every trip; and the store was jammed with MacShoppers, many
    dropping more than a grand. (My bill was $1229, by the way). Bottom
    line: still four stars for B&H after years of dealing with them.

    AMTRAK: People will complain about just about anything, but AMTRAK is
    the best public transportation in the USA. Let the airlines go
    bankrupt; they've earned it. Give those subsidies to AMTRAK!

    I sat in the buffet car (or ever what they call it) both ways, because
    of the tables (with 110v outlets to save battery power) for
    PowerBooking. They could have filmed a Mac commercial. A dozen
    unsmiling drones, all dressed in gray, all using gray, klunky laptops
    to work on gray, klunky reports. One guy with a sleek-lookin' TiBook,
    swingin' with iTunes and actually having fun while using Photoshop and
    Final Cut Pro to put the finishing touches on a 15-minute promotional
    video for a client... My neighbor (Dell, Win2k Pro): "The audio gets
    messed up and it sometimes crashes if I try to listen to music while
    running MSOffice." Me: "I'm so sorry."

    Davoud, Jul 17, 2003
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  2. You've got me thinking about coming in tomorrow. :-o It's the 7-hour
    Damn straight. OTOH, I passed through Penn Station yesterday (Tuesday)
    and couldn't stop. <sigh> Freaking Miami train was 4 hours late. If
    they had the money they keep ASKING for, causes of such would have been
    fixed years ago. :-/

    Lounge or Café car, yes. Next time try Business class. Even the Coach
    car I was in yesterday had outlets, though.

    With a BIG grin on your face, I expect. <GRIN>
    Howard S Shubs, Jul 17, 2003
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  3. Davoud

    stan Guest

    I was there on Thursday. Its definitely not worth 14 hours travel time.
    stan, Jul 18, 2003
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