Mail 2.1, two PBG4s, synchronizing mail and mail problems

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Bart, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Bart

    Bart Guest

    Here's the sitch:

    PBG4 w/broken screen, running an external (duh) Samsung monitor.
    is my shop PB, it's currently masquerading as an immobile desktop.

    PBG4 all fixy-fix. Mostly keep at home, but also on the road.

    LaCie 320GB external Firewire drive. backup at shop (used Migration
    Assistant to copy the shop PB's system (10.4.7), apps, and docs to
    the FireWire drive)

    Two mail accounts -- one on each PB -- both of which accounts dump
    into Mail 2.1, on both PBs.

    With me so far? *I'm* already lost...

    Problem one:

    Is there a way -- besides signing up with .Mac -- that I can
    synchronize the mail on both machines? Failing that, is there a way
    -- besides doing it message-by-message -- to save the text and
    attachments from new mail messages?

    Problem two:

    Though by all means I can understand, both PBs are set up exactly
    same way and certainly the mail prefs are the same, when I click on
    an HTML link in a message on my PB at home, it opens Firefox to the
    correct page, just like it ought to do, but if I click on an HTML
    link in a message on my PB at the shop, the mail window flashes
    but nothing opens. Both PBs are set up with Firefox as the default

    What in the ding-dong am I doing wrong?


    Bart Brown
    Bart, Apr 16, 2007
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