Sorting mail simultaneously on two accounts?

Discussion in 'Apple' started by brucebiz_wi, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. brucebiz_wi

    brucebiz_wi Guest

    Hi Folks-

    I'm trying to figure out something and can't seem to find good
    documentation to do it, so I'm asking here.

    I use with two accounts: my "business" account, and my
    "personal" account (which is a dot-mac account). They are both
    effectively IMAP (dot-mac is basically IMAP, yes?). Normally, I just
    view the two accounts together in Mail and don't pay attention to the
    sub-inboxes that allow me to view one account only.

    When mailboxes start to get full, I put the oldest few months of email
    into folders called "OldBiz" and "OldDotMac". This takes the oldest
    stuff off of the servers.

    My inbox is getting out of control and I decided to implement some of
    the techniques at (a great site if you haven't seen it).
    I want to create a folder for "Action Required" and another folder for
    "Archives." When mail comes, I will sort it into one of the two
    folders, or delete it. My InBox is to remain empty, and only contain
    "unseen" stuff. Mail from both Business and Personal accounts will go
    into these folders; I really don't care too much about separating them
    (might be nice, but not essential)

    Here is the challenge I'm facing:

    * If I set the folders up "On My Mac," then moving items to these
    folders will delete them from the server. This has the effect of
    making recently sorted emails inaccessible from webmail, should I need
    to get at it from another location (If I'm using webmail, having the
    sorting scheme accessible is nice, but it is not necessary - usually
    I'm just looking for a relatively recent email.)

    * If I set up the folders as IMAP folders on my Biz and Personal
    accounts, then I have to deal with each account separately. I can no
    longer look at all my email and start sorting things into
    Action/Archive/Trash just by dragging to the appropriate folder. I
    will have to look at each account separately and then drag to that
    account's appropriate folder. Although this is potentially feasible,
    I'm pretty sure it's going to lead to implementation problems (dragging
    to the wrong folder, doing one account but not the other, etc.).

    What I want is a way that I can drag my mail to a folder marked
    "Action" or "Archive" that 1) leaves the message on the server until I
    decide to move it later, and 2) allows me to drag stuff to one folder,
    rather than "one folder for each account."

    Is there any way to do this? It seems so close to achievable, but I
    can't see how to do it.

    brucebiz_wi, Nov 8, 2006
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  2. brucebiz_wi

    brucebiz_wi Guest

    Answering my own question, one potential way of doing this would be
    with something like Labels in finder. I could Label each email with
    the category (Action, Archive, etc.) and then set up a Smart Folder
    that would search all mailboxes with the appropriate Label. When an
    action is completed, I could change the label, and send it to an
    archive or other folder.

    Two complications with this solution:

    * Mail has Flags, but not Labels. Flags aren't enough (because I
    really have more than two possible categories).

    * The Inbox would not look empty after all mail has been processed
    (though I could set up a smart folder for mail that has the default
    Label or is Unlabeled.

    Is there a third-party add-on that does this, or does something like
    Thunderbird do it?
    brucebiz_wi, Nov 8, 2006
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