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Discussion in 'MSI' started by cperficio, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. cperficio

    cperficio Guest

    I have inherited a XEON processor. 3.6ghz w 800mhz FSB from a Dell
    Precision computer.

    I need a recommendation for a modestly priced motherboard that will
    use this CPU. I'd like to run XP on it as a Workstation instead of
    using it as a server.

    Help is appreciated.
    cperficio, Jul 20, 2008
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  2. cperficio

    Paul Guest

    There are probably a couple of ways of narrowing it down.

    The Dell motherboard probably used a certain chipset,
    and perhaps that chipset would make a nice search term.
    Something like E7525 or E7520. There are at least several models
    of Precision, so there are several possibilities on chipsets.
    It is more likely, that the same chipset would be compatible.

    A second thing that would help, is the socket type.
    Xeons came in socket 604, while more recent ones are LGA771.
    So you want a socket match for sure.

    I notice as well, there are Xeons of that description,
    with 1MB L2 or 2MB L2 cache.

    Using the processor descriptive terms, and visiting a
    CPUSupport page of a motherboard manufacturer, you might
    have more luck finding a board. For example, Tyan
    has made the occasional single socket motherboard for
    the Xeon, in an ATX form factor. For stuff other
    than Tyan or SuperMicro, you might want to start with
    the chipset as a search term, to dig more stuff up.

    I would have started at and
    see how many different 3.6GHz Xeons there are, but the site is
    not working right now. I'm not getting a response. So it is
    a little hard to advise further, without a list of the possibilities
    on hand.

    Paul, Jul 20, 2008
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  3. cperficio

    Paul Guest

    There is an example here. Asus NCT-D, based on E7525 chipset.
    Motherboard is 12"x9.8", so only a bit bigger than ATX.
    Sockets on this one are socket 604. I think there is some deal
    about the cooler bolting to the chassis of the computer case,
    rather than the motherboard, so that is one of the issues with
    supporting a motherboard like that.

    Supported processors are listed here.

    The people over in have probably dealt
    with a few systems of that type. And you may find some
    information on cooling the processor, on a site like that.
    When I search , I use an external search engine.
    That is easier than registering.

    Paul, Jul 20, 2008
  4. cperficio

    cperficio Guest

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for replying.
    I tried digging around a bit for mobos but I thought I'd reverse
    engineer it to save some time and see if someone has blazed the trail
    before me.

    The processor has 2mb of L2 cache and I'm purdy sure that it's a
    socket 604.

    cperficio, Jul 20, 2008
  5. cperficio

    Paul Guest

    Set the search engine to "North Bridge" = "E7525 MCH". This is
    the list of boards that come back.

    Part Number Manufacturer Chipset Form Factor

    DJ800 IWill E7525 ICH5R Extended ATX
    DN800 IWill E7525 HanceRapids ATX
    DN800-L IWill E7525 HanceRapids ATX
    DN800-SLI IWill E7525 HanceRapids ATX
    NCT-D ASUS E7525 HanceRapids ATX
    NCT-DA ASUS E7525 HanceRapids ATX
    SE7525GP2 Intel E7525 HanceRapids ATX
    Thunder i7525 (S2676) Tyan E7525 ICH5R SSI EEB
    Tiger i7525 (S2672) Tyan E7525 ICH5R ATX
    X6DA3-G2 Supermicro E7525 ICH5R Extended ATX
    X6DA8-G Supermicro E7525 ICH5R Extended ATX
    X6DA8-G2 Supermicro E7525 ICH5R Extended ATX
    X6DAE-G Supermicro E7525 ICH5R Extended ATX
    X6DAE-G2 Supermicro E7525 ICH5R Extended ATX
    X6DAi-G Supermicro E7525 HanceRapids Extended ATX
    X6DAL-B2 Supermicro E7525 HanceRapids ATX
    X6DAL-G Supermicro E7525 HanceRapids ATX
    X6DAL-TB2 Supermicro E7525 HanceRapids ATX
    X6DAL-TG Supermicro E7525 HanceRapids ATX
    X6DAL-XG Supermicro E7525 HanceRapids ATX
    X6DAL-XTG Supermicro E7525 HanceRapids ATX
    X6DAR-8G Supermicro E7525 ICH5R Extended ATX
    X6DAR-iG Supermicro E7525 ICH5R Extended ATX
    X6DAT-G Supermicro E7525 HanceRapids Extended ATX

    I wonder how easy it is now, to find a S604 board ? I guess
    it really depends on whether S604 processors are still in

    Paul, Jul 20, 2008
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