Make it Stop, Apple … Make it Stop!

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Frank O'Connor, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. iTunes 10.5 and IOS 5 … a marriage made in Hell.

    I've been using Apple hardware since the late 70's. Ran an Apple 2, a
    2+ and a 2e. Bought the first 128K Mac on 24 January 1984. Update my
    hardware religiously. Have been buying iPods, iPhones, and iPads when
    they become available.

    But I have no idea what is on my early model iPad now and how much
    space is used (it changes dynamically and dramatically between connects
    to iTunes), I can't access my books through iBooks (it attempts to load
    the Library and then crashes), the App Store on the iPad is flakey
    beyond belief, even after downloading updates and installing them,
    still doesn't register them, I've Restore'd the iPad five times and it
    still doesn't behave.

    iTunes 10.5 is the most sluggish, unreponsive and downright useless
    rendition that's ever been released. Here I am after the fifth Restore
    (each one taking three to four hours and each one consuming another
    couple of gigabytes with Backups) and it's still loading books into my
    Library that apparently never made it on previous synchs after the last
    Restore, it seems to update apps, photos and other files randomly and
    the general impression I get is that iTunes isn't scaling very well at
    all when it comes to large numbers of files.

    Many apps on the iPad are now performing like castrated ducks … too
    many to mention.

    I wish iTunes 10.5 had never appeared and that its developers had never
    been born. I wish Apple had released IOS 5 in even beta tested form.
    The IOS 5 developers must be the result of defective sperm. I really
    wish that the developers of iTunes and IOS 5 had at least met with each
    other during the development process. I wish I could reinstall an
    earlier version of iTunes and IOS.

    Screw the iCloudI Bugger the 200 supposed improvements in IOS 5!

    Optimise the code in iTunes, make it more responsive, ensure that the
    media manager and device synch manager actually work, fix IOS 5 … I'm
    not asking for much … I'll settle for something that doesn't have me
    pulling my hair out.

    The Samsung Galaxy II is looking so inviting at the moment … because
    iTunes and the iPad doesn't 'just work' anymore. Nothing bloody works!
    Frank O'Connor, Oct 27, 2011
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  2. Frank O'Connor

    Zen Guest

    On 10/27/2011 01:04 AM, Frank O'Connor wrote:

    (Snip) Here's some advice on downgrading:

    Honestly, I wouldn't do this. You seem to have much more problems than
    the average user. Why don't you just call or, preferably, write to
    Apple's support?
    Zen, Oct 27, 2011
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  3. I'd do that, but to make matters worse my iPad dropped out of the
    guarantee/indemnity coverage 5 days ago … so freebie support has gone
    by the boards.

    I don't think it's a hardware problem … the iPad isn't doing anything
    that indicates that or failing any tests

    That said, I was looking at upgrading to an iPad 3 when that comes out,
    but if the Apple story has become one where hardware becomes a lemon
    after one year and two days (it's been going on like this for the last
    three days) then I might chance my luck with another maker's Pad. Hey,
    at least they give you a longer guarantee, I can use Calibre to rip
    most of my books to whatever format they support and the number of
    Android apps out there is now getting quite extensive.

    If it's an iTunes10.5/IOS 5 issue, or a file corruption problem then
    neither iTUnes or IOS 5 offers any utility, help or capability to
    rectify the problem anyway … because Apple doesn't account for the
    possibility of failure in its software and discourages third party
    utilities that mess with it. The really bad news is that the core
    software to its software ecology, the connecting bit … iTunes, doesn't
    have any utilities or capabilities to repair things which may go wrong.
    I can't, for example, force updates of specific files, check files for
    corruption before iTunes installs them, repair formatting errors on the
    iPad or withing iTunes file databases, or do anything to rectify
    problems I might be having.

    And without that, we are at the mercy of Apple's iTunes and IOS
    developers … which can be a problem when things go wrong.

    I'm gonna try one last thing … and that is to Install the iPad as a new
    one rather than a restored one. I doubt it will work, but what the hell.
    Frank O'Connor, Oct 27, 2011
  4. Frank O'Connor

    Zen Guest

    Listen, I do undertsand your urge to get Android products. They really
    have terrific specs, mainly the new model to come out in November. But
    you already have a nice piece of equipment and you really paid a heap
    for it. So why don't you bring your iPad to an Apple store and explain
    that the most recent upgrade brought many problems.

    If you go there today or tomorrow, I don't believe they'll complain much
    about the hardware being out of guarantee. As you said, it doesn't look
    like a hardware problem and Apple is certainly responsible for the
    software it distributes. Whatever gripes you might have against Apple, I
    don't believe they'll let you down for bugs on their latest software. Do
    this, and then, tell us what happened.

    You can use this Apple product for another 2-3 years, then you can buy
    an Android product. Try to consider the option next time!

    Don't throw away a one year old iPad because a software upgrade didn't
    work, for Christ's sake! What next? You'll throw away your house because
    a pipe leaks?

    You paid for the thing? Get your money's worth!
    Zen, Oct 27, 2011
  5. Frank O'Connor

    Zen Guest

    Well, it seems you're now alone thinking that Apple has changed. Here
    are the comments from a guy who "turned on [his] first Apple computer in


    "But in the past few months, something has felt…off. Maybe it started
    with the 3G and Apple’s almost insistence that everyone in the world own
    one, or possibly my trip to Cupertino that left me underwhelmed at the
    sparse offerings from a company store that I considered Mecca. Sure, my
    expectations may have been off and my passion may have blinded my common
    sense, but I felt a connection to the beautiful, functional products
    that have enabled me to become a better writer, connect with more people
    and be more productive than I ever thought possible. It was magic.

    "That magic is gone now. There is no more real cult of Mac lovers.
    Owning any Apple product used to be a badge of honor and an inclusion
    into a group of people that were willing to pay a little extra for what
    we considered an exceptional experience. The long-time Apple fans never
    hated PCs, they just preferred their Macs. There was no stupid war, or
    some dumb back and forth as to whose was better. Mac simply had a better
    user experience, Windows was more compatible."

    The guy is a little stupid, I'm afraid. If you're an Apple products user
    and not an investor, of course, you can't enjoy all the fun. Whatever
    you lose on the product's software or service, you gain back at the
    Stock Exchange. Finally, it all evens out and you might even gain a bit,
    mainly if you consider the time spent is for playing a game.

    You might want to print this page and show it to the clerk if he refuses
    to fix your Pad.
    Zen, Oct 27, 2011
  6. Frank O'Connor

    Wes Groleau Guest

    Perhaps it would be more effective to
    1. save individual files (books, music, photos, etc.
    2. Remove iTunes, all its pref files, and its library
    3. Download another free iTunes,
    4. let it make a new library
    5. reimport everything
    6. wipe the iPad
    7. sync as a new one

    I have had MINOR complaints about iTunes,
    but overall it functions well.
    Wes Groleau, Oct 28, 2011
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