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Make THOUSANDS from an initial $5 investment the legal way!

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by benlarson88, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. benlarson88

    benlarson88 Guest

    Try to look at this program with an open mind. At least think about it
    before going on with your normal day. Think about for a few days if you
    have to. This DOES work!

    A week or so ago, I came across an easy to use program on how to turn a
    small investments into thousands within a few weeks. My initial
    response to this was "This is not possible, it's way too easy". But
    being the curious person I am, I read on.

    After a few days of thinking it over I realized that I don't have
    anything to lose except for $5.00 I kept thinking - what if it
    actually works.

    So, I put my doubts to one side and I went ahead and followed
    the simple instructions given in the posting. It took me less then 30
    minutes to complete it and it cost me no more than $5.00 !!

    Well, if you read on, all will be revealed. The business plan I am
    about to share with you works perfectly every single time. You won't
    make less then $10,000 from it on each occasion (If you follow the
    instructions EXACTLY)!

    It doesn't require you to sell anything; it doesn't require you to
    speak to your friends, family or anybody else! In fact, you don't need
    to come into contact with any people.

    This program has been around for more than 10 years; this shows that it
    actually works. Before I start to explain I would like to assure you
    that this program is 100% LEGAL when you follow it EXACTLY as described

    If you decide not to take advantage of this life-changing opportunity,
    I would like you to know that I sincerely respect your decision and I
    will understand that you have your reasons. I therefore wish you the
    very best of luck for the future.

    However, remember life is short. Nobody has ever said that you can't
    have the financial freedom to do, what you want to do, when you want to
    do it. But you must first pay the price, and the price here is action:
    It's that simple.

    SHORT TIME! ! !

    You will make some fast and easy cash, using just a COPY OF THIS
    DOCUMENT, and one of the simplest and most popular Internet payment
    systems in existence.

    Note - StormPay is used rather than PayPal because it allows members
    from all over the world, therefore more cash for YOU!!

    You have most likely seen or heard about this project on TV programs
    such as 20 / 20 and Oprah Winfrey, or you may read about it in the Wall
    Street Journal. If not, here it is below Revealed to you in step - by -
    step detail.

    This program is by no means new; it has been in existence in many
    forms for at least ten years. But in the early days, it required a lot
    more - time and effort - as well as an outlay of a few hundreds

    However thanks to StormPay and the Internet, the outlay is now
    virtually ZERO!!! On top of that, the entire process is FASTER, EASIER,
    and MORE LUCRATIVE then it has ever been.

    If you are already running a home business, you can easily do this one
    along with it. If not, this is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to earn
    serious money online that you have ever seen so far in the history of
    the Internet.


    You won't need to run a website, or make phone calls, or make
    photocopies, or send out letters through the mail. The only things you
    will need are:
    A. An email address.
    B. A StormPay account with at least $5.00 deposited in it.
    C. 30 minutes of your time.

    Do note - there is NO LIMIT to the amount of income you can generate
    from this one single business program!!!

    Please be sure to read this entire page . . . take your time . . .come
    back to it; go over and over it, you won't be sorry. If you don't have
    time to read all of this now, then save this page or print it out, so
    you can come
    back to it later.

    NEED PROOF THAT THIS WORKS? Here are just 3 testimonials from the
    countless individuals who decided to invest nothing more then $5.00 and
    30 minutes of their time to participate in this program:

    What an amazing plan! I followed your instructions just 3 weeks ago,
    and although I haven't made 10 grand yet, I am already up to $6,135 I
    am absolutely job smacked
    ALAN HUMPHRIES, Leicester.

    This is Lisa. Well what can I say? Thank you so much! I sent out 40
    emails like you said, and then I just forgot about the whole thing. To
    be honest, I didn't really think anything would come of it. But when I
    checked my Stormpay account, a week later, there was over $3,000 in

    it!!! After 30 days I now have over $11,000 to spend!!! I can't thank
    you enough. Lisa McDonald, Northampton.

    I was shocked when I saw how much money came flooding into my storm
    pay account. Within 3 weeks my account balance has ballooned to
    $7,449. At first I thought there had been some sort of error with my
    account. Richard Barrie, Cirencester.

    Just few months ago, each of these people were doing the same thing as
    you are at this very moment - reading this! But because they decided to
    follow the simple instructions Given below, they are now considerably
    better off as a result. And there's no reason whatsoever why you can't
    share in this success. You've got nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING TO

    Let's get started, just follow the instructions exactly as set out
    below, and then prepare yourself for a HUGE influx of cash over the
    next 30 days!!!


    STEP 1:

    Ok, first you will need to sign-up for a FREE StormPay account. Do
    this by visiting the following link:


    STEP 2:

    It is an undeniable law of the universe that we must first give in
    order to receive. If you do not have $5.00 in your StormPay account,
    you can fund it using the easy options StormPay provides.

    Send a $5.00 payment from your StormPay account to the FIRST email
    Address in the list below, along with a note saying:


    Be certain to add this note, as this is what KEEPS THIS PROGRAM LEGAL.
    (The person you send the payment to does not receive money for nothing
    in return; the person adds your email to their mailing list)

    Instructions on how to send a payment are under " SEND MONEY " at the
    StormPay site.

    It's so easy when you send your $5.00 payment to the first address in
    the list, do it with a great big smile on your face because "as you
    sow, so shall you reap ".

    Here is the current list:


    After you have transferred a $5.00 payment to the email address at the
    top of the list it gives you indescribable, overwhelming sense of
    certainty, belief and conviction in the system you have just proved to
    yourself that, because you have done it, there must be a great number
    of other people ready to do exactly the same.

    Thus you have now seen for yourself, first hand, that this business
    actually works.

    STEP 3

    Once you've sent a $5.00 payment to the address at the top of the
    list(along with your note this is VERY IMPORTANT) the next thing you do
    is to send it on via email or discussion postings.

    Now you can edit this document in any way you want. The first thing to
    edit are the email address in the list above, delete the top email
    address, and then move the others up a position, and then add YOUR
    email address on the bottom of the list (the number 7 position). Be
    sure to use your email address that is associated with your StormPay
    account. But DO NOT FORGET to send $5.00 via StormPay (along with your
    note!) to the email address at position number 1 before deleting it

    Don't be tempted to add your name to position 1 in order to earn money

    fast!!! It doesn't work like that! If you do that, you will ONLY
    reach the people you directly.Send emails to, and then your name will
    immediately be removed from the number 1 place and you won't reach
    thousands of people.

    But if you add your name to the number 7 position, there will be
    literally thousands of People receiving and sending e-mail's later -
    when your name is number 1 spot.

    Once you have edited your email message as outlined above its time to
    advertise, note that the more you advertise, the more your income. You
    can place the document on various discussion boards. Do this by using a
    search engine like http://www.google.com/, www.yahoo.com,
    www.altavista.com, www.msn.com. Then search for one of the following:
    "make money forum", "make money online forum", "money forum", "make
    money discussion" etc.

    You will then be able to post your document on these boards.

    Note - It is advised to post your document to at least 200 boards in
    order to receive more than $10,000.

    Another method is to send out a minimum of 40 copies of this email.
    You can advertise it any way you want but NO SPAM.

    Note - Advertising is the deciding factor of the success of this
    program. It's simple, the more you advertise the more money you will


    Let's assume that only 5 people do the plan from the emails/postings
    that you send, and in turn they each get only 5 people to do the plan
    etc, here is the amount

    Of people that will send $5.00 to your StormPay address in the number 1

    (Your StormPay address in Number 6 position) = 5 responses.
    (Your StormPay address in Number 5 position) 5 x 5 = 25 responses.
    (Your StormPay address in Number 4 position) 5 x 25 = 125 responses.
    (Your StormPay address in Number 3 position) 5 x 125 = 625 responses.
    (Your StormPay address in Number 2 position) 5 x 625 = 3,125 responses.
    (Your StormPay address in Number 1 position) 5 x 3,125 = 15,625
    payments of $5.00 each to your StormPay account. That is a massive
    $46,875 into your Pay pal account for only a $5.00 initial payment.

    And that's based on only 5 people responding to the plan.
    Imagine if . . .10 people responded!!! Or maybe more?

    benlarson88, Dec 7, 2004
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