Making or getting a restore diskette ?

Discussion in 'Packard Bell' started by Bill S, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Bill S

    Bill S Guest

    Hi All

    Packard Bell Master CD. number 17220900 . It is a Windows 98 OS.
    How can I create a boot diskette from the MCD (I have read that this
    can be done). If not or does anyone have a coipy of the diskette that
    they can e-mail me?

    Bill S, Feb 24, 2013
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  2. Bill S

    ben.myers43 Guest

    Go to . There you will find what it takes to make a Win 98 boot floppy, which is standard among all brand names... Ben Myers
    ben.myers43, Mar 9, 2013
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  3. Bill S

    metronid Guest

    Elector had a site with all the restore floppies
    I can make a restore floppy if I have an image of the master Cd
    metronid, Mar 22, 2013
  4. Bill S

    metronid Guest

    Metronid. Can do with an image of master cd
    metronid, Mar 22, 2013
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