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Matrox P750: Maximum Color Palette in triple head mode?

Discussion in 'Matrox' started by Francis Arteel, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. Hi there,

    I would like to buy a P750 instead of my current G550 for use of 3 Samsung
    191T's instead of my current 2 191T's.......

    As I read from the Matrox-site, in triple mode the P750 goes upto
    3840*1024.... What the site doesn't mention is, how the colour palette is
    at that resolution....

    Will I be able to use without problems a 3840*1024 in 32bit-mode? Anyone
    using yet a P750 with 3 identical monitors?

    Thanks for Your feedback....

    Francis Arteel,

    Francis Arteel, Aug 24, 2003
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  2. Francis Arteel

    Hammer Toe Guest

    Having recently (approx. 2 weeks ago) purchased a P750 to replace my
    G450 for use with my 2-19" ANALOG monitors (my objective: to be able
    to run 1600x1200 on my two 19 nchers in ***32 bit color mode***; I was
    limited to 16 bit color with my G450), I decided (being somewhat
    curious myself about what might be possible with 3 monitors and just
    happening to have an extra 19 incher sitting around 'gathering dust')
    that I would accelerate my planned schedule for experimenting with 3
    monitors a bit and run some tests for you.

    Here's the bottom line:


    At least insofar as my experimenting with THREE ANALOG AMONITORS is
    concerned, it DOES APPEAR that one can run *** 32 bit color on THREE
    ANALOG MONITORS in 3840 x 1024 mode *** (at,relevent to me but not
    you, obviously) 60, 75 and 85 Hz (though my 19 inchers won't tolerate
    anything over 75Hz).

    SO - unless there is something unique about cases where one is using
    DIGITAL and not ANALOG monitors (which I doubt), things should work
    out the way you wish.

    BTW: I was a bit disappointed to find that (it definitely appears) I
    could NOT run 3 monitors at ANY res. (whatever) in a 3 monitor
    'INDEPENDENT' mode; that I would have to use 'STRETCHED' mode.

    I found it kind of 'wierd' to have my task bar, wallpaper and newly
    opened apps 'stretching' across the 3 panels.

    I WAS able to fix (to my satisfaction) the Wallpaper problem by
    resizing the 'native' BMP images to 1280x1024 AND selecting 'Tile'
    rather than 'Stretch' in their definitions. (BTW: I could NOT run ANY
    form of 1600x1200 mode with 3 monitors).

    ALSO, I would imagine that I might be able to constrain my Taskbar to
    a single physical screen by Left or Right (rather than 'Bottom')
    'Docking it' (or some other means; maybe it can be 'Floated'). AND
    maybe, over time, by resizing each app as I use it for the first time
    to constrain it to a given 'position'/screen; I may be able to 'live'
    with Stretched mode.

    BUT insofar as my desires are concerned; it definitely seems that, at
    best, it will take more 'tinkering' that would be necessary had the
    product supported a 3 monitor 'Independent' mode.

    In closing/FWIW:

    I would just like to add that in MOST other respects the P750 is
    proving to be COMPLETELY satisfactory:

    Quiet (even with active cooling)
    Drivers/Operational Mode Software seems VERY STABLE.
    The Configuration Software seems VERY WELL THOUGHT OUT and
    'User Friendly').
    Text is VERY SHARP/CRISP; better (In My Humble and Subjective
    Opinion) than my G450, perhaps due to the P750's
    anti-aliasing capabilities, even with analog monitors).

    The only minor glitch that I seem to have run across so far is that
    the 'Native DOS (for want of a better term) pseudo graphics mode' used
    by System Commander 7 (which I use to control booting among 3 OS's on
    my system) seems to 'get' a default pallet which renders it IMPOSSIBLE
    to reconfigure due to (eg.) black text on a black background type of
    problems in many of SC's config fields.

    NOW there is a BIOS upgrade for the P750 available that appears that
    MIGHT solve this problem but I haven't bothered to try it yet as I WAS
    able to get around the SC problem by (working blindly) toggling it
    into a 'DOS' TEXT (rather than GRAPHICS) mode.

    Maybe I'll explore the BIOS upgrade more in the future BUT for now,
    things are working just fine and I've better things to do...

    Hope you find the above useful in helping to reach a decision about
    acquiring a P750.

    If I can be of any more help/if you have any questions, just POST.
    Hammer Toe, Aug 24, 2003
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