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matrox rtx100 xtreme

Discussion in 'Matrox' started by WWW.HARTISTIC.NET, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. I just bought a Video Editing system with Matrox RTX100 Xtreme bundled with
    Adobe Premiere 6.5. Since I use it Premiere always crashes. Does anyone has
    a similar problem?
    WWW.HARTISTIC.NET, Sep 28, 2003
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    Bal Guest

    Premiere can be a very fussy program that doesn't get on too well when other
    programs are running at the same time.
    I would suggest that you close down all other non-essential programs and
    then start Premiere. If this fails try a re-install and finally if no joy
    with that give Matrox/Adobe support a call.

    Bal, Sep 28, 2003
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    Dream Wyzard Guest

    I've been having the same crashing problem. Apparently Matrox wants the RT
    crad installed specifically on PCI slot 1 (mine's in 2), and no RAID
    striping of serial ATA hard drives (which, IMHO, defeats the purpose and
    effectiveness of video editing) Still fighting with it. Anyone have
    Dream Wyzard, Dec 2, 2003
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