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matsonic ms9317e

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by playstation60, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. I have a matsonic ms9317e+USB motherboard, and for the life of me I
    cannot get the sound to work. Windows XP is not installing any drivers
    automatically (no, before anyone can ask I don't have the drivers). I
    attempted to install a separate sound card from the one board one and
    all attempts to get drivers for it have been entirely unsuccessful. It's
    a Phillips sound card. The numbers I was able to pull off from it were,
    MO5-P20A-122 and A481-P20.

    I am looking to see if anyone can give me a hand in finding the drivers
    (audio!) for either the on board sound or the card. It's quite
    frustrating to be sitting with a computer and no sound.

    Chance favors the prepared mind.

    ~Underseige 2~
    playstation60, Sep 28, 2007
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  2. playstation60

    Paul Guest

    EVEREST Free Edition 2.20 (lavalys.com for commercial version)

    Using Everest and the Devices:pCI entry, you might find the PCI
    sound card identified. If there is no "name string", then copy the
    DeviceID and SubsystemID and post it in the newsgroup, as a last resort.
    Maybe the Philips card can be identified that way.

    The MS9317E is listed here. This is an archive of the defunct matsonic site.


    This is the driver page. The onboard sound seems to be a CMI9738 (a PCI device?)


    This is the set of drivers available at the time. The archive machine does not
    always capture the actual driver, so the fact that it is missing is not a


    Fortunately, you can get a CMI9738 AC'97 driver here (and hope the SIS962
    is supported as the engine to drive it).


    This is the WinXP driver for CMI9738. Remove your separate sound
    card and you can try this.


    And if you get some info from Everest about your Philips card, post back.

    Paul, Sep 29, 2007
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  3. Paul,

    Thank you so much. One of the links towards the bottom of your
    post contained the audio drivers for the onboard sound. I am finally
    able to HEAR my computer. Thank you!

    There is some pretty useful information at the other links as
    well. I will need to take some time to dig into that. Thanks again!

    Chance favors the prepared mind.

    ~Underseige 2~
    playstation60, Sep 29, 2007
  4. Ok, so I got the sound to work, the next problem I need help tackling is
    despite my having sound Windows Device Manager still shows that my
    Multimedia Audio Controller doesn't have a driver installed. Then the
    Device Manager also states that my PCI Input Device, PCI Serial Port,
    and my VGA Controller are all without drivers. The auto detect option
    for the drivers has yielded no results.

    Any other links I should check out?

    Chance favors the prepared mind.

    ~Underseige 2~
    playstation60, Sep 29, 2007
  5. playstation60

    Paul Guest

    This page has some graphics FAQ entries, that didn't clear
    things up for me. The download link lists a couple options
    for IGP driver, which is integrated graphics. Both UniVGA2
    and UniVGA3 look like options. By naming convention, the
    Matsonic download page was offering a copy of UniVGA2, so
    you could try that one.


    This is the SIS chipset download page. You'd want "IGP" for integrated
    graphics, "AGP" for support for the video card slot, "Network Driver"
    if the board uses SIS900 ethernet (built into the Southbridge). I
    would not pick up the "IDE driver", because you are already using
    the default Microsoft IDE driver instead.


    I don't really know what the "PCI Input Device, PCI Serial Port"
    would be. I tried to find a copy of the motherboard manual, without
    success. Try working on those few drivers first, then see what is left.

    Paul, Sep 30, 2007
  6. playstation60

    Bill Guest

    Manual here:


    SIS drivers here:


    Have you tried contacting matsonic?

    Bill, Sep 30, 2007
  7. Alright, so the wife was using the computer and picked up a virus. No
    way around it other than to reformat hard drive. Having done this a
    time or two I understand some of what goes on with this particular
    computer. The mobo for some reason doesn't allow all the needed drivers
    to be installed right away and it has to be a pain in my *** and make me
    do things the old fashion way.

    So....I get things reformatted without any issue. I am up and running
    Windows XP to find out that I have no mouse. The PS2 port does not work
    for the mouse, so I'm forced to use a USB device. No problem there, I
    have one. Well the **** computer isn't recognizing the drivers for my
    USB ports front or back. Windows won't automatically update the drivers

    SOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, to make matters all the more confusing
    on a whim I put in a different system restore disc, that operates
    outside of a Windows environment, and forces me to use a mouse. I
    wanted to see if it was a mouse issue or Windows. Well it's Windows all
    the way. The mouse works fine, the ports work fine. Windows is being a
    ***** and not cooperating.

    Anyone have any idea how to help me with this? It's a Matsonic MS9317E

    I need help ASAP.

    Chance favors the prepared mind.

    ~Underseige 2~
    playstation60, Nov 16, 2007
  8. playstation60

    Paul Guest

    To fix the USB, I can find a reference here to something from SIS.
    See "SiS USB Registry Patch (Windows XP)". But this patch is from
    2001, and you'd think with WinXP Service Packs installed and the
    like, that issues like this would vanish.

    http://www.usbman.com/USB 2 News.htm

    I don't know what's up with PS/2. All the Super I/O interfaces
    should enumerate and pick up in Windows, without a fuss. It's
    not something I see a lot of complaints about.

    Don't forget to have a good look around in the BIOS settings.
    Double check that everything you need is enabled.

    Paul, Nov 16, 2007
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