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Maxtor External 3000LS External Hard Drive Installation

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Sam Hollenbeck, Feb 5, 2004.

  1. Hello,

    I have a problem that has popped up while I tried to install a Maxtor
    external hard drive. I cannot get my Windows 98SE to recognize the
    new drive or I cannot find the hardware that has already been
    installed by the system. I am not sure which.

    Background is as follows: I purchased the hard drive for my computer
    that is running 98SE, but the drive requires a special driver for this
    operating system. I made the mistake of plugging in the new drive to
    my USB port before I had the necessary driver for the drive ready to
    use during the installation. The first time I plugged the drive into
    the USB port, the system recognized that there was new hardware and
    began the installation process. However, when it came to finding the
    best driver the system could not find one and I did not have the
    driver needed yet. Thus, I cancelled the installation. Subsequently,
    I downloaded the needed driver onto a floppy disk and proceeded to
    replug the drive into my USB port. However, I now cannot get the
    system to recognize that there is new hardware to install. I have
    tried going into add/remove hardware and have the system look for new
    hardware, but it will not find anything. I have unplugged, plugged,
    rebooted, shut down etc and no luck on getting the system to try and
    reload the hard drive.

    At this point, I am not sure if I have a problem of the system not
    recognizing that I have a new external drive plugged into a USB port,
    or if the drive is already on the system (thus, not new) and I just
    have no idea where to find it and load the driver for it. I have
    looked under system devices and do not see anything in there that is
    either not functioning properly, or that looks like an external hard

    If anyone has an idea on how to get it recognized or where I can find
    the already loaded drive, I would greatly appreciate some advice.

    Thanks in advance!
    Sam Hollenbeck, Feb 5, 2004
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  2. Sam Hollenbeck

    Peko Guest

    Go into the [Control Panel] [System] [Device Manager] and find the
    device that is not working (should be highlighted). Delete/remove the
    device and restart the PC. Windows should now recognise the new device
    (assuming it's plugged in) and you can install the new driver.

    Best regards
    Peko, Feb 7, 2004
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