MB Ram Upgrade Slow Dvd's(3 Drives) Speeds

Discussion in 'Asus' started by insanejester1231, Nov 7, 2012.

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    Nov 7, 2012
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    I went from an Asus m4a785-m MB where my setup was 2 sata 2 HD 500gb Non raid 1 Sata 3 HD 2Tb Green and 2 sata Dvd Burners HP and LG Diff Versions and 1 IDE dvd burner LG same model as Sata but IDE of course. I would run Nero 11 x3 express and burn 3 dvds of weddings ect at a time. It would complete all 3 disc within max of 6 min with all started at sametime. I was using windows 7x64 enterprise XDark 4.6 Version Legal Key. The Mother board had 6 gig ram Dual channel OCZ 800mhz.

    Old System Specs
    ddr2 800 6gig
    1090T Stock Everything
    Evga 550 TI 2gig Stock
    XDark 4.6 x64 win 7 Enterprise Legal Key

    Now my motherboard was failing and I was getting HD speeds from orginally 50s to 10-17MBs. So I did what anyone would do I upgraded MB and Ram. Everything else Stayed same.

    M5A99FX- Pro 2.0
    Bios All Up to date
    1090T Stock
    550 Ti Stock
    600 Watt PSU with 8 Pin Cpu connector attached
    ddr3 1600 2 4GB Sticks Running at 1600
    2 Sata 2 500GB HD
    1 Sata 3 2TB HD
    3 Sata DVD Burners LG HP LG (LG Diff Models)
    Had 4th Dvd Burner Sata Samsung But made Problem Much Worse
    Windows XDark 4.6 x64 Legal Key
    Even Tried Beta windows 8 with nero Same problem

    Using Nero 11 and or Nero 12 Ran 3 or 4 nero express burns of dvds with same file and with other files even split it to other HDD

    Two drives burning it takes 8min for both to finish with 3 it takes 24 Min to finish with 4 drives it takes 47 min to finish.

    HDD never show more then 40% usage at 42 MBs

    With this new MB it has two diff sata controllers I have tried to change it up it says not to put dvds drives on Blue Sata ports as it only has raid and achl support. I have even tried to place them on main sata controller in IDE mode which only allows the last two to be IDE port 4 and 5 as 6 is esata. I have even put the OS drive on the Second Sata controller to see if I can boost bus speed. I have tried to Auto OC MB with OC tool asus provides. It does do some speed up of burn but not enough to say that it is a bus problem or FSB even. I look to see if it might be the Seek that is slowing it down so I did an auslogic disk defrag run before burning.

    Any Idea's? And yes i have tested all drives Independently of each other and with different combonations of drives on and off. NO Dice lol.
    insanejester1231, Nov 7, 2012
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