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mdv 2010 install issue with nvidia GT220

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Cat 22, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. Cat 22

    Cat 22 Guest

    Has anyone done a 2010.0 64 bit install with a GT-220 video card
    installed? If so can you post what driver you selected during the
    installation? The install is suggesting "Geforce 6100 and later" but
    thats not working, the "test" video option fails with an error
    message. "(EE) No Devices Detected"
    I tried the hardware recognition tool on the install DVD and all it
    says is it sees vesa video but it doesnt recognize the card at all.
    lspci shows it properly tho. The end result is that the install
    failed, it hung testing a video selection i tried. I will install
    again and try selecting vesa video to get going.
    The card is a new Sparkle NVidia GT 220 w 1G DDR3 on board
    The system is Q9450 BioStar mobo w 4Gig ram. My old NV 6200le card
    died after 4 years so i just bought this sparkle GT-220 to replace
    it. I'm doing a completely fresh install w/disk format.
    Cat 22, Mar 4, 2010
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