memory bus utilization

Discussion in 'Apple' started by bjarthur, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. bjarthur

    bjarthur Guest

    is their a "top" for the traffic on the memory bus? kinda like
    "netstat" for IP packets, but monitors the transfer rates to/from RAM

    i'm trying to optimize the performance of a custom memory-intensive
    application, and wondering whether the bottle neck is the memory bus.
    it would be nice to know what fraction of the memory bus throughput is
    being utilized, and hence whether it'd be worth reconfiguring the
    memory sticks to be matched.

    relatedly, when an instruction causes the CPU to wait for memory, to
    what process are those wasted cycles attributed? let's say RAM is
    really slow and half of the CPU cycles are spent just waiting for the
    registers to load. does "top" then report 50% for that process,
    excluding those idles cycles? or does it report 100%, and include

    bjarthur, Sep 26, 2007
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