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MERRY X-MAS & VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 (International Corporate YogaCamp &

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by AYC, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. AYC

    AYC Guest

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    We are from Ancient Yoga Consulting Malaysia wishing you all Merry
    Christmas & Very Happy New Year 2008.
    We are providing Human Resource Development course/workshop/seminar
    for local as well international clients.
    We also can design customized yoga camp & workshop for you and your
    corporate staff. Family group and individual also can attend this
    yoga camp.
    Mean while we are seeking oversea strategic partner to market and
    serve our clients in each country GLOBALY.
    Please provide us the potential interested company from your country
    so we can communicate at earliest.
    Even your organization can be our strategic partner on this yoga camp
    1. Founded by Elanggovan and families whom from their grand's
    generation into Yoga & Meditation training.
    2. AYC Growing as largest Corporate Yoga solution provider.
    3. We have large MNC, Government Departments, Hospitals, highly
    qualified professionally too attend our programmes.
    4. At Ancient Yoga Consulting you can be guaranteed that your
    religious beliefs will not be infringed upon.
    5. We provide 24 Hour customer support answer by well trained human
    6. All email will be replied within 48 hours.
    7. You can call us for FREE via Skype with ID name
    8. We provide Online chat customer support via YAHOO/MSN/SKYPE/GMAIL
    with ID name "ancientyogaconsulting"
    1. It's one of the holiday expenses.
    2. Malaysia voted Best Tourist Destination 2006 by Global Traveler
    3. Malaysia having one of the world's ancient resorts.
    4. Warm weather and cold resorts suite overall peoples.
    5. Malaysia globally known as Hospitality country.
    6. Almost all international foods available.
    7. Experiencing these yoga camps away from day to day busy life is
    regaining natural charge.
    8. The Institute provide overall ancient knowledge covering yoga,
    chakra therapy meditation, interactive transformational workshop,
    Kundalini yoga meditation in 100% scientific manner.
    9. We do pre workshop, and post workshop supports via chat, email,
    forum and Video conference mode.
    10. and more....

    No Customer Support Name Mobile Number
    1. Evonne +6 012
    2. Sherelyn +6 017 6465590
    3. Elan +6 012
    4. Jason Shan +6 012 2379904
    5. Salvy +6 017 3474938
    Note: Different timing other staff might answer the above mobile

    Please visit our web for more detail on specialist international yoga
    camp and workshop for corporate as well individuals.
    More info on our web: www.ancientyogaconsulting.com

    All our programmes conducted in Malaysia. We have already having few
    companies from oversea participate our workshop and yoga class and its

    Please VIEW our corporate profile in "More Downloads"

    Our Workshops brochure also listed there in PDF format.

    For International market we are focusing the following:


    Please contact us to start simple yet wonderful strategic partnership
    to create win-win situation.

    Yoga means by cultivating attitudes of friendliness towards the happy,
    compassion for the unhappy, delight in the virtuous, and disregard
    toward the wicked, the mind stuff retains its undisturbed calmness.
    The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Book One Verse 33


    Yours truly,
    Radiance of Unconditional Love,
    Guru Yoga Elanggovan Thanggavilo
    Ancient Yoga Consulting
    No 91, Jalan Batu Unjur 4,
    Taman Bayu Perdana,
    41200 Klang,
    Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
    Tel # +6 03 33239196
    Fax # +6 03 33239196
    Mobile Phone: +6 012-9188619 (Elan)
    Mobile Phone: +6 012-3220775 (Vimala)
    Mobile Phone: +6 012-2379904 (Shan)
    Online Chat:
    selfinuniversal or ancientyogaconsulting

    Founders Prime Caption:
    Life is School, Situation is Lesson, and the result is nothing else,
    Knowing Your Self.

    Visit our web site for more simple scientific info and wonderful human
    resource development programmes.
    AYC, Dec 25, 2007
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