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MGA/ MIL pci + philips chip

Discussion in 'Matrox' started by Erez Volach, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. Erez Volach

    Erez Volach Guest

    got this ancient model for fiddle with... it has Millenium (I) chip, memory
    upgrade module, and another chip, phillips TVsomehting..... (don't have it
    infront of me, will write down later). it has another connector beside the
    VGA. looks a little wider. anyone has idea what is the phillips chip for ?
    is it a ramdac ? a tv tuner ? a tv encoder ?
    what is the second connector for ?
    this card came with a voodoo linked to it (with short vga cable) so i guess
    that's how 3D was used to be done back then
    any hints ?
    Erez Volach, Aug 11, 2003
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  2. Erez Volach

    Taliska Guest

    Something to do with an additional Rainbow Runner card I think.
    Taliska, Aug 11, 2003
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  3. Erez Volach

    Erez Volach Guest

    OK, here are the chip id's specified:

    Matrox graphic chip: MGA IS - STORM R2 9610eu005

    Phillips ramdac: TVP3026 - 175PCE

    part label: MAG-MIL/2/HP3 500
    MFG P/N 79075010170
    S/N CAF91854 MIE5590

    add-on memory module: MGA-MIL/MOD/2/HP

    HP P/N 5063-8777

    pcb: 1995 579-05 REV: B

    so, it seems like a millenium for a certain HP model (circa 1995). 4 MB (2
    onboard, 2 add-on module)
    from the millenium user manual the TVP3026 is indeed the ramdac, mine being
    the extra connector is "MEDIA XL Media Adaptor Connector", for whatever that
    means (there is even a pin-out with mic., line in / out, Y in/out, C in/out,
    composite in/out and ground). Is this a model preceding rainbow runner ?
    from RR manual i see it works with millenim II and mystique, it is unclear
    if it works with millenium.
    Another thing i was wondering about: will i be able to flash it with a bios
    from matrox ? would it work in any generic motherboard ? I am considering
    building a computer from spare parts, have a 430TX board and some old
    memory, PentiumMMX 233 (works even at 75*3.5=266 and 83.3*3.5=292 MHz)
    unfortunately, there are no longer any references to the Millenium product
    other than the manual (no spec sheets of any kind) - I looked under "old
    Thanks in advance for everyone with help / hints or past owners of such
    Erez Volach, Aug 12, 2003
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