Micro-Star MS-5169 Motherboard Floppy Drive Controller Question

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Allan Sadowski, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. I bought a Micro-Star MS-5169 Motherboard cheap
    on Ebay.

    My question is the motherboard floppy drive
    controller connection is missing pins 4, 5, and 6.

    The pins are not broken off but have been left off
    the connection.

    On the other motherboards that I have they have
    always had all the pins on the floppy drive
    controller connection.

    I have not installed the motherboard yet but
    would like to know is there a reason these
    pins are missing?

    Allan Sadowski, Oct 5, 2004
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  2. Check first the function of that pins there are some pins of the 34 that
    have no function.
    Pin 1: Ground Pin 18: Direction
    Pin 2: *Change Pin 19: Ground
    Pin 3: Unused Pin 20: *Step
    Pin 4: *In Use 1 Pin 21: Ground
    Pin 5: Ground Pin 22: *DKWD
    Pin 6: *In Use 0 Pin 23: Ground
    Pin 7: Ground Pin 24: DKWE (Write Enable?)
    Pin 8: *Index Pin 25: Ground
    Pin 9: Ground Pin 26: *TRKD
    Pin 10: *Select 0 Pin 27: Ground
    Pin 11: Ground Pin 28: *Write Protect
    Pin 12: *Select 1 Pin 29: Ground
    Pin 13: Ground Pin 30: *DKRD
    Pin 14: Unused Pin 31: Ground
    Pin 15: Ground Pin 32: *Side
    Pin 16: *MTRI Pin 33: Ground
    Pin 17: Ground Pin 34: *Ready
    Michel Weijts, Oct 6, 2004
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