Microsoft rebate - incompetence rules

Discussion in 'Apple' started by eg, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. eg

    eg Guest

    Last December I bought a friend a copy of Microsoft Money 2004 and sent
    in the rebate with the required forms and proof of purchase they
    required. This included the boxtop with the bar code and title written
    on it so I had to ask her for that. A pain but it was OK with my friend
    so she gave it to me and I sent it along with the other receipts etc
    they wanted.
    Now I just received a letter from Microsoft telling me that I did not
    send in the boxtop w/bar code and that they will not send the rebate
    check w/o it. My response to them is:

    Microsoft Money 2004 Rebate
    PO Box 8750, Dept. 6110-3
    Young America, MN 55551-8750

    Dear Microsft Money Rebate Center:

    I have just received the enclosed communication from you denying me the
    rebate I am entitled to under the rules you set up. Please be advised
    that I did indeed send the boxtop with barcode and proof of purchase to
    you along with a printed receipt from the place I purchased Microsoft
    Money from. Of course, there is now no way to verify that because you
    have all the items which I sent to you along with the rebate form.

    This was a gift to a friend who unfortunately is dependent upon your
    software. I consider myself fortunate that I will not have to deal with
    Microsoft again as I am a Macintosh user.

    I shall remember that my one and only transaction with Microsoft was
    handled with incompetence.

    Very truly yours,

    I wonder how often this happens. I NEVER would have bought this
    software without this rebate offer.

    annoyed in CT
    eg, Feb 8, 2004
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  2. Rebate offers usually don't 'tip the scales' when I buy software. So
    far, the only rebates I've really done regularly are CD-R's. I save all
    the stuff and PHOTOCOPY TWICE it before I send out the originals along
    with a date of when I sent it. Usually, companies hire fulfillment
    houses to do the rebate offers since it really doesn't make sense to
    have a FT employee do this, then retask them.

    A couple years ago, I sent in a _copy_ of the rebate form rather than
    the original for a TurboTax efiling. They wouldn't pay the rebate and I
    was out $15. Wouldn't do efiling again and told the company so. Now,
    they embed the 'free efiling' feature in special versions of their
    Business software and it's all handled automatically.

    Nice to know that Microsoft's default answer to rebates is "we lost your
    paperwork". If there's enough evidence of malice, you could start class
    action litigation. Several companies offering rebates were caught doing
    "we lost your paperwork..." and had to pay.
    Michael Vilain, Feb 8, 2004
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