Microstar MS6339 experts?

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Ian French, May 14, 2005.

  1. Ian French

    Ian French Guest

    I have acquired a used motherboard Microstar MS6339 without any RAM fitted.
    I am aware that this should have RIMM, or RDRAM or Rambus Ram fitted.

    I have bought 2 strips of 64 meg RIMM and 2 strips of CRIMM to fit tto the
    board to test it.

    But the Microstar 6339 manual, available from their website is woolly as to
    where this Ram is to be fitted, it is not specific enough.

    I believe that I should fit the RIMMS into RIMM1 and RIMM2 sockets and the
    CRIMMs into RIMM3 and RIMM4 sockets.

    Is this correct?, any advice would be appreciated.

    Tahnk you.

    Ian French, May 14, 2005
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