migrating both raid and not raid PATA to ITE IT8212 (on motherboard like GA-8GPNXP Duo)

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Gilles Vollant, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. Hello,

    I've a computer with 4 year old motherboard (MSI 694D Pro).
    This motherboard contain 2 standard Ultra DMA100 port and a Promise Fastrack
    100 controller.

    Here is the list of the drive on the motherboard:
    - connected on the promise Fastrack 100 : two hard disk (60 GB each) in Raid
    - connected on the 2 standard Ultra DMA100 : a DVD reader, a DVD writer, a
    200 GB disk (ultra dma 100) and a 120 GB Disk (ultra dma 100) .

    This computer is to be user under Windows XP (and future version of Windows)

    Can I buy an GA-8GPNXP Duo and :

    - connect the DVD reader and the burner on the intel IDE port
    - connect all hard disk to the IT8212.

    (as I understand, the IT8212 is only for hard disk)

    I want continue to have the two 60 GB disk mirrored, and the 200 and 120 GB
    as independant disk.
    Is it possible ? And is it possible without reformat the disk ?
    (I just want save data on disk, I known I can have to reinstall Windows

    This mean :
    - can I mix two independant disk, bootable, on the IT8212 and two mirrored
    - can I migrate mirror of two disk from Promise Fasttrack100 to IT8212

    And can I boot on the 200 or 120 GB disk connected on the IT8212 ?

    Of course, Sata is nice for future, but I don't want buy new disk at this
    time for this computer.
    Gilles Vollant, Mar 19, 2005
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  2. Gilles Vollant

    BruceM Guest

    Firstly...... I am not an expert.
    Secondly ....... my comments are just for you to consider.

    Yes there is only one "true" ide channel & therefore use for your DVD
    Yes I would put the two 60GB drives on to the other "ide" connections.
    (IT8212 as you said) & set them up as a raid exactly as you have them
    already on the old computer. I am almost certain that you will lose all on
    these drives but others will advise. I take it that these 2 drives have the
    Operating System on them?
    As for the other two bigger drives. If I'm correct, you get one PCI slot on
    that board? I would buy one of those PCI promise raid cards but setup as two
    single drives. I take it that these are just storage drives? I reckon all
    data will be OK on these.
    Can you slave one of the 60's as well as one of the bigger drives into
    another computer first & copy all your "data" across to the bigger one
    before you proceed? Once you "get going" you can copy back. Of course most
    programs will need reinstalling.
    For a new setup it would be foolish not to start clean.

    There are of course many other ways of doing it.
    Put the DVD drives on a PCI raid card, the bigger drives on the true IDE
    channel & the 60's on the onboard raid.
    Like I said...... listen to ideas & decide yourself what you want to do.
    That board CAN be a real test of your ability. Do a little research into
    correct procedure to install "SCSI" driver during installation.
    BruceM, Mar 19, 2005
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