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Millionaire pays you for giving away his ebook for free!

Discussion in 'Soundcards' started by Yvon, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. Yvon

    Yvon Guest

    Hi foo bar,

    I simply can't believe this works !!! But it really does!
    I'm totally amazed!

    It works so fine and you just became part of it, just like that,
    without even knowing! Can you believe it?

    You're at the same point I was last week. Just one more step and


    Listen to what happened:

    Stephan Ducharme, the famous "FreeAdGuru" took up a challenge.

    Stephan is doing this to prove that you don't need a website
    to make money on the Internet !

    foo bar I'm telling you, when this man gets mad, it rocks !

    Stephan says:

    "I have been surfing the web searching how to make money online
    for over 3 years, day and night till 5A.M., with no results.

    I wanted so much to succeed. I remember falling asleep on my
    keyboard a few times.

    I have seen so many web site owners working one entire month
    for 10 to 100 bucks in net profits.
    It is nonsense to work hours for nothing.
    It has to stop !!!

    I have made over a MILLION dollars in the past weeks.
    And I have decided to reveal how it is done.

    So Stephan has just created a RED HOT AUDIO EBOOK
    Millionaire at 31...on the Internet

    And ... foo bar You DO have Stephan's permission to give
    it away to all your friends FOR FREE!

    Yes, you heard me right!

    You really can post the ebook to all your friends at no cost
    to them and chances are YOU WILL EVEN RECEIVE A PAYCHECK
    in your mailbox, just for doing that!!!

    Imagine, getting paid by giving away something for FREE!

    Do like I did:

    Send it by email, through ICQ, MSN, in forums, newsgroups,
    chat rooms, make ebook swaps.

    I'm sure you know a lot of people interested in knowing
    about a young 31 years old man revealing his secrets
    on how he has just became a MILLIONAIRE from his PC at home.

    Simply spread the news everywhere, it's OK!

    And YES, The mind-boggling part is this:


    Completely awesome!

    I have made HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS in the very first few HOURS!!!

    1. Click here to receive the letter to forward to your friends:


    2. This link will enroll you as an affiliate. It's very simple.
    You simply need to enter your name and address telling
    Stephan where to send your paychecks to.

    It will take you 5 MINUTES max.


    My goal is to replace my job income because I don't want to be
    kept in endless traffic jams anymore. I want to stay in my
    warm bed on Monday mornings with Sabre and have the money
    needed to have 5 days off a week instead of only 2!
    Only 2 days off a week?! That's no fun.

    More and more people are achieving this goal with the
    Internet. Today, I'm standing in line and I'm the next one to
    succeed. Come with me! Everybody's coming along this time
    because it's actually working!

    You're certainly asking yourself how this works? How can we
    make money by giving away something for free?

    The idea is prodigious...

    Stephan is a genius mind!!
    To your success
    Yvon Desrochers
    Yvon, Jun 3, 2004
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