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Minimum Nvidia for Dual DVI 1920x1440 Monitors

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by W, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. W

    W Guest

    We want to put dual 1920x1440 DVI monitors on some of our workstations.
    We have nVidia geforce 6800 cards installed, but unfortunately these appear
    to be limited to dual 1920x1200. What is the minimum nVidia card required
    for dual dvi 1920x1440?

    Our applications will be primarily business applications, so geforce may be
    W, Aug 21, 2011
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  2. W

    Le Forgeron Guest

    Le 21/08/2011 10:00, W nous fit lire :
    Past 1920x1200, you need a dual link DVI.
    (that's a single DVI connector)

    Check your card and cables.
    Le Forgeron, Aug 21, 2011
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  3. W

    Paul Guest

    This table hasn't been kept updated.


    You can also look at specific cards here and see if they have dual link DVI.


    It helps if the workstations are modern enough to support
    PCI Express cards, as throwing "AGP slot only" in as a
    requirement, isn't going to help. If you can use modern cards,
    odds are good of finding more solutions.

    Ultimately, you buy the card from a card manufacturer. And
    you have to verify they're offering two dual link connectors
    on the card. The card manufacturer could save a few pennies,
    by cutting corners, so in that sense, the NVidia tables aren't
    a guarantee. They're an enticement.

    This table, gives you a rough chronological order of introduction,
    so you can identify the modern versus ancient cards. You can tell
    from the MSRP column, whether the card is expensive or not, and
    whether it's a candidate for a cost effective upgrade.


    Or, you can go through a list of cards, sorted by price.


    This one has a PCI Express main slot connector, and two DVI available. $75
    It's a marketing gimmick, that it has to cost $75. They generally
    charge a bit more for that connector configuration. If you want
    the cheapest card possible, generally you don't get to choose
    the connector configuration. So $75 is getting two DVI at the moment.

    EVGA 01G-P3-1431-KR GeForce GT 430 (Fermi) 1GB HDCP Ready Video Card

    Then, we have to check it supports dual link DVI. And by some miracle,
    I can actually confirm that. In many cases, even with a downloaded
    spec sheet from the manufacturer, they can't seem to capture the
    important features. This time, I got lucky.


    "Two Dual-Link DVI-I HDCP Capable Connectors"

    That card won't be a power-house of 3D processing power, but it
    will run a stock trading screen with text on it.

    Paul, Aug 21, 2011
  4. W

    W Guest

    How do you think a GT430 dual DVI would compare against an older gaming card
    like GEForce 7900GTX dual DVI? For most 2D applications and simple video
    playback I guess there would be no noticeable difference? What would be
    typical energy consumption for both cards in a business application setting
    (no gaming)?

    Your posts are really really helpful and comprehensive. Thanks.
    W, Aug 23, 2011
  5. W

    Paul Guest

    The 7900GTX is listed here. 31.2W at idle. 51.5W in 2D peak (no gaming).


    The GT430 is pretty low power. 2.7W at idle. 13.5W in 2D peak (no gaming).


    This benchmark result was easy for me to get. Getting good head-to-head
    benchmarks, using the same processor and game for testing, is a lot of work,
    but gives better quality numbers for comparison purposes. At least this
    should dissuade you from replacing, in the name of getting a higher frame


    GeForce 7900 GTX 728
    GeForce GT 430 692

    The most powerful card in that list, is about 5x more powerful.

    Paul, Aug 24, 2011
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