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minor probs with SP2 & recognizer pack

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by Jan Wagner, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. Jan Wagner

    Jan Wagner Guest


    I just noticed, after installing SP2, that now a) the boot logo doesn't
    say "... Tablet Edition" any longer, b) in Control Panel => Regional and
    language options, the tab with the list of locales and their associated
    text input & handwriting recognition infos is missing.

    Install order was:
    - install SP2 from Windows Update
    - notice the recognizer pack doesn't install in SP2, doh. Uninstall SP2.
    (& a bit puzzled why Windows Update doesn't list the recognizer pack as
    an update, since 2003 already... ??)
    - install recognizer pack
    - install SP2

    The logo thing isn't bad, but how to get the locales tab back?

    - Jan
    Jan Wagner, Oct 13, 2004
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  2. Jan Wagner

    Chris H. Guest

    The MUI pack for Tablet PC Edition 2005 is available here:
    As we've noted previous in this newsgroup, if you have the original MUI
    installed prior to installing XP SP2, you are fine. It just won't install
    AFTER SP2 updates. The Recognition Pack for Tablet PC 2005 is supposedly a
    few days away now, but Microsoft hasn't announced the release yet.

    The locales tab? You mean in Regional and Language Options/Languages tab
    you don't have a Details button? That's where it is.

    As for the removal of the specific version of Windows XP on the splash
    screen, that is universal with Windows XP SP2, bring all the various
    "versions" inline with the main one. The Tablet PC Edition and Media Center
    Edition are not "operating systems" but supersets both running on top of
    Windows XP Pro.
    Chris H., Oct 13, 2004
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  3. Jan Wagner

    Marauderz Guest

    Chris, that's not the recognition pack. He's talking about the Recognizer
    pack, not the MUI pack. They are two different things!
    Marauderz, Oct 14, 2004
  4. Jan Wagner

    Chris H. Guest

    I think my previous message needs to be re-read. :cool: The previous MUI and
    MUIRP versions must be installed prior to installing Windows XP SP2 and
    Tablet PC Edition 2005. The Tablet PC Edition 2005 MUI can be installed
    after SP2, and the 2005 version of MUIRP has not been released yet.
    Chris H., Oct 14, 2004
  5. Jan Wagner

    Marauderz Guest

    Chris, I was just pointing out that Jan was talking about the recognizer,
    not the MUI pack. Yes it's a VERY confusing issue. let's hope everything
    gets sorted out after the MUIRP for 2005 is released.
    Marauderz, Oct 14, 2004
  6. Jan Wagner

    Jan Wagner Guest

    A lot of confusing packs :) Thanks btw for pointing out the new MUI for
    2005, need to install that one too.
    Ah. Yup, there it is => I need glasses ;)
    Ok! The "plain" logo just left me unsure if the kernel / ntoskrnl.exe
    maybe was broken, or the wrong version, or something. Good to know the
    change was deliberate.

    - Jan
    Jan Wagner, Oct 14, 2004
  7. Jan Wagner

    Chris H. Guest

    Well, Jan, that seems to have taken care of things. :cool: There was a lot of
    talk about the splash screen changes, and it makes sense since the operating
    systems are all Windows XP whether you're on a desktop, Media Center machine
    or a Tablet PC.
    Chris H., Oct 14, 2004
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