MK79G-1394 an R9100 VIVO

Discussion in 'AOpen' started by iggy, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. iggy

    iggy Guest

    Video card is Sapphire 9100 VIVO, and just spent two days trying different
    combinations of bioses and drivers. As soon as the drivers are installed the
    whole system just locks up after few minutes, or instantly when trying to
    run any 3D program.

    It seems that issue affects only 9100 cards - 9700 Pro works fine without
    any problems, and 9100 works in other systems (NF2 chipset) without a

    The purpose of MicroATX MoBo is to be able to make really small HTPC system,
    and that's where VIVO card becomes useful, with ATI remote control.

    I must be a bios issue - I'd like if someone from AOpen's tech department
    could look into it.

    If no replies or rectification of this error in due time, I'll be forced to
    return this MoBo and get another MicroATX from Biostar, for example - much
    cheaper solution, with all necessary bios adjustments, but without MCP-T and

    It's down to AOpen's tech team now - I think over six months since this
    problem has been posted was more than enough to sort it out.
    iggy, Dec 2, 2003
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