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MMC Audio out of sync with Video

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Greg Ennis, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. Greg Ennis

    Greg Ennis Guest

    I'm using an ATI capture card (TV Wonder) with an ATI 9800 Pro. The
    problem is that the audio just doesn't sync up with the video. It's
    off, and it's very annoying. I had this problem before and had to
    re-install Windows to fix it. Well that worked for awhile until I
    installed Sims 2 (which installed a new DirectX version) and boom, now
    it's off again. I have tried multiple versions of different drivers
    and MMC versions.

    It used to be I only had this problem when I had selected
    "high-quality video" but now it makes no difference.

    Nothing I have tried has fixed it. PLEASE HELP!!!
    Greg Ennis, Nov 9, 2004
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  2. Greg Ennis

    Jim Guest

    Hi Greg;

    You may have already done this test, but if you go to CONTROL PANEL
    and you should find an icon ATI MULTIMEDIA CENTER, open it and in mine
    there is a SYSTEM COMPATIBILITY TEST. You run that and it will test
    your sound card (ATI is too cheap to implement their own sound
    capture, they use your computer's sound card) for clock frequency. If
    it's over 0.2% off you should get a report saying it's off frequency,
    and even 0.2% will cause sync problems . I fought that problem for
    some time and then had to go buy another sound card and disable the
    onboard audio.

    However, if it did work at one time OK, did you try shutting off all
    background tasks (anti virus and all the other stuff running in the

    I fought the synch problem for months and ended up purchasing an
    Osprey 200 capture card which locks the audio to the video. DV will
    do same thing. My new motherboard onboard audio tests OK with ATI
    MMC, so can do long captures without sync problems.

    The System Compatibility Check generates a log of the test.
    Jim, Nov 10, 2004
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