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MMc installation trick. 1. install driver for the video card "vivo, aiw" reboot" 2. install ati dvd

Discussion in 'ATI' started by DDC, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. DDC

    DDC Guest

    DDC, Aug 3, 2005
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  2. DDC

    patrickp Guest

    Er, you forgot the DAO/MDAC app, DDC. After the the driver reboot and
    before the DVD Decoder.

    It's as well to ensure you have your chipset drivers and DirectX 9.0
    (preferably c) installed beforehand. Interestingly, the DAO/MDAC now
    appears to include Windows Media Encoder 9, so you don't have to worry
    about that any more for recent versions.

    And, of course, it's as well to have cleaned old drivers off your
    system before you start... ;-)

    Personally, I'd say as well that, when installing the MMC, use the
    Custom Install Option and don't install any apps you don't really
    want. I always leave out the Lunchpad (known crash facilitator), the
    File Player (file association hog) and the CD Player (why? I've got
    better ones on my system).

    HTH Patrick

    <> - take five to email me...
    patrickp, Aug 3, 2005
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  3. DDC

    DDC Guest

    I've forget to mention that i've set in my ide control to dma on hitch
    ide device to "i would say, manual" "not let the bios decide" this way
    i got a clean installation, and pass the error message that say
    "couldn't find what dma on..." anyway you will understand if you get
    the message.

    I didn't know for the doa/mdac. I guess i had the wm9 plug-in before
    the installation of the mmc.

    Also it's funny that u say i should have no problem with my dx9.
    I'm currently having problem in the dxdiag.
    It's say something about the direct show accessing and it ask if i
    want to ignore this error to continue or otherwise it can't continue
    it crash.

    Here what's it is.

    Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service
    Pack 2 (2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519)
    System Manufacturer: ASUSTeK Computer INC.
    System Model: A7N8X-X
    BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
    Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2600+, MMX, 3DNow, ~1.9GHz
    Memory: 512MB RAM
    Page File: 329MB used, 917MB available
    Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS
    DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
    DX Setup Parameters: Not found
    DxDiag Version: 5.03.2600.2180 32bit Unicode
    DxDiag Previously: Crashed in DirectShow (stage 1)

    DxDiag Notes
    DirectX Files Tab: No problems found.
    Display Tab 1: No problems found.
    Sound Tab 1: No problems found.
    Music Tab: No problems found.
    Input Tab: No problems found.
    Network Tab: No problems found.

    How can i re-install directx 9.0c
    When i do so it pass every state of the installation and say that it's
    installed but that's not true. Is this a bug from Microsoft or
    DDC, Aug 3, 2005
  4. DDC

    patrickp Guest

    Are you referring to the messages you get when you install MMC telling
    you things like 'DMA is not enabled' 'CPU does not support MMX' etc?

    Ignore them. Unlike the installations for many other apps, the MMC
    configuration app doesn't appear to be able to read system information
    properly: I've been installing MMC versions from I don't know when,
    and I've almost never had an install without some spurious result from
    the configuration app.

    Not the WM9 plugin - the encoder. You need the DAO/MDAC for any 8.x
    or 9.x version of MMC, and it seems the most recent ones incorporate
    the encoder too; or you can get it from

    Get the DAO/MDAC from the same page you downloaded the other MMC files
    from, of course.
    You could try the redistributable version from

    Much bigger download, but it's the complete version: if you unpack it
    and run dxsetup.exe, it'll reinstall your DirectX.

    Did you install DX9.0c - and your chipset drivers - _before_ you
    installed your display driver package? And what videocard do you
    actually have?


    <> - take five to email me...
    patrickp, Aug 3, 2005
  5. DDC

    DDC Guest

    This is the dx9.0c that i got but i've find out a new one that is
    redistributable. "directx_9c_Aug05sdk_redist.exe"
    I will try this one just after writing that.
    All ready done but no luck.
    Yep but it's been a while. like almost a year that i haven't format
    and did a clean install. Lately i've found 1400 problems in my
    registry lol. So i've bought registry mechanic and it solve every
    thing but my dx problem... It a must to have.

    Ho by the way a got the ati x700pro vivo version. Yes a vivo.
    http://apps.ati.com/ATIcompare/result.asp or try
    http://apps.ati.com/ATIcompare/ it in.

    If your familiar with video editing, could you tell me how can i use
    the mmc to use the video encoding feature, i can't seem to find it.
    DDC, Aug 3, 2005
  6. DDC

    patrickp Guest

    Do you mean that it doesn't fix your problems or that it doesn't
    Looks like a nice card. Is that 'Built by ATI' or an OEM?

    Yes, I've always been partial to VIVO cards. As a cable TV user, the
    tuner of an AIW isn't any use to me; it's just a pity ATI don't make
    VIVO versions of more of their cards.
    I'm not particularly up on video editing, but AFAIK MMC doesn't have
    any video editing facilities. The encoding simply refers to capturing
    video. MMC Library does have a some facility to re-encode formats:
    i.e. change from one to another.


    <> - take five to email me...
    patrickp, Aug 4, 2005
  7. DDC

    DDC Guest

    I mean that "directx_9c_redist.exe" didn't help, because it wouldn't
    install a second time but ""directx_9c_Aug05sdk_redist.exe" actually
    did re-install"

    The bug now is gone. And all the dll are mark as final commercial.

    Yep straight out of the box and build by ati it write on the box so i
    can't do mistake huhuhh!!!
    I think it's new to ati.
    Well this suck cause it would have been really nice to use all the
    capability of the card to recode other things...

    I was hoping to have that, it was 50% of my next upgrade and 50% for
    the vivo feature... Well at least a got some new technology base on
    the rv420 of the x800 series and gddr3 mem witch is at lest 2 time
    faster than sdram ddr. Smile.
    Thank you
    DDC, Aug 4, 2005
  8. DDC

    patrickp Guest

    Strange. I've always found that the redistributable will do a
    No, they've made VIVO models since at least the RAGE Pro models (long
    before Radeons), and probably before that. The pity to me is that
    there aren't VIVO versions of more of their cards, as opposed to AIWs
    - they do an AIW version of almost every range they do.
    You need other apps for that. Check out the TMPGEnc ones -

    You're welcome, for what help I could give. Patrick

    <> - take five to email me...
    patrickp, Aug 4, 2005
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