MN 720 Freezes Evo N1020V

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by Rick, May 18, 2004.

  1. Rick

    Rick Guest

    I run WinXP Pro on my Evo N1020V, and I am attempting to install
    Microsoft MN-720 on this system. Upon inserting card into PCMCIA
    slot, cursor freezes, system hangs; I then must power down and reboot.

    Card is not defective, as this same result occurs when I attempt to
    install a brand new card of identical make.

    I have not been able to complete install of this product.
    Rick, May 18, 2004
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  2. Rick

    HH Guest

    What does Microsoft support say?
    HH, May 18, 2004
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  3. Rick

    Rick Guest

    (Paraphrasing here)

    "Duhhh" :)

    They've directed me to contact the manufacturer of the laptop
    (Compaq/HP); who, in turn, has referred me to (surprise!) the
    manufacturer of the card (Microsoft).
    Rick, May 19, 2004
  4. Rick

    HH Guest

    Hmmm. well, I have to say that IBM has the first responsibility here and
    Compaq/HP is secondary. Have you done keyword searches in the Microsoft
    knowledge database?
    HH, May 19, 2004
  5. Rick

    Bob Guest

    Open the broadband utility and under help go to check for updates (or
    something like that) then download the update. I also had that issue the
    update helped.

    Bob, May 20, 2004
  6. Rick

    Rick Guest

    Yes. Nothing in the knowledge database related to this. :(
    Rick, May 23, 2004
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