Modern DeskJet 1000 and the Deskjet 1000csi drivers

Discussion in 'HP' started by SlickRCBD, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. SlickRCBD

    SlickRCBD Guest

    I'd like to share a new HP DeskJet 1000 (J110) USB printer connected
    to a Vista computer with Windows 98.
    I can't find any compatible drivers, and I need a decent quality out
    of it, so trying to use the Deskjet 600 driver is unacceptable except
    for drafts or simple word documents (which I admit is probably what
    half the printing I did on the 98 machine has been, when I wanted to
    reprint something quickly and didn't want to wait for my modern
    computer to boot up, but then again the win98 system WAS the print
    server as it had the parallel port). However, I'm going to be printing
    Thank You notes with The Print Shop after Christmas, hence the need
    for the best driver available.

    I've been looking and found a reference to a printer available in the
    '90s called the Deskjet 1000cse, and a Google image search yielded a
    picture of a printer that looks remarkably like the modern version.
    Is it possible that if I download the drivers for 95/98/ME, it will
    work with this new variant with the same name?

    The trick is how do I set it up in Windows 98? If the drivers are
    anything like that for my DeskJet 812C, WIndows 98's "have disk"
    interface will NOT work, and Windows 98 doesn't give you an option to
    create new ports the way XP does.
    Most of my training has been on Windows XP, and it's been a while
    since I've tried to configure 98 to connect to a share on an NT-based
    OS that wasn't built-in. Could somebody please remind me of the steps
    when "have disk" won't work?

    Why HP can't just be normal and let the "have disk" option that was
    built into windows work I don't understand.
    SlickRCBD, Dec 24, 2010
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  2. SlickRCBD

    Ben Myers Guest

    Let's see if I've gotten this right. You have a USB Deskjet 1000
    attached to a computer with Vista and another computer networked and
    still running Windows 98. You want to print high quality output from a
    Windows 98 program, The Print Shop.

    It is unlikely that the new DeskJet 1000 can use the drivers for the
    older one. HP marketing has run out of numbers that they think can sell
    a product, so they confuse us all (and themselves) by reusing them. Why
    not an HP Deskjet 999 or an HP Deskjet 10,462,384? Very snazzy numbers!
    Or maybe the new HP President has decreed a moratorium on new model

    I am not sure how to even determine what is the highest quality driver
    you can install on the Windows 98 box, or whether its quality would be
    good enough. Unfortunately, I have never taken the time to catalog all
    the HP DeskJet printers according to the version of HP Printer Control
    Language they use. And some really cheap HP Deskjets do not use HP PCL
    at all.

    Here is a workaround. Download and install PDF Creator on the Windows
    98 computer. The developers of the free and open source PDF Creator
    claim it also works with Windows 98. Produce whatever you want with The
    Print Shop but use PDF Creator as your "printer" to create PDF files of
    the print images. Now take the print images to your Vista computer and
    print them. If you have somehow managed to share files between the two
    computers, put the PDFs in a shared folder where the Vista computer can
    access them directly... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Dec 24, 2010
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