Monitor Goes Into Standby Installing Radeon Drivers on Prime B550M-A AC

Discussion in 'Asus' started by spmrebel, Nov 3, 2021.

  1. spmrebel


    Nov 3, 2021
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    Hi all,

    I am having an issue where the monitor goes into standby mode during installation of the AMD Radeon video drivers for my AMD Ryzen 5-5600G for the integrated graphics. On restart the monitor goes thru POST and then the monitor goes into standby right before you would normally see the windows login. My keyboard and mouse cannot wake up the computer so I have to reset and then the endless cycle goes. If I install all other drivers with the exception of the Radeon video drivers the system will work fine - albeit with crappy looking graphics.

    I tried this with on one stick of ram and still the same problem.

    I even tried this with some Samsung DDR4 2666MHz ram from my HP Pavilion Gaming desktop and that had the same issue.

    Here are my system specs.

    Asus Prime B550M-A AC MATX with latest BIOS 2423
    Ryzen 5-5600G
    2 x 8GB Adata XPG Z1 3600MHz DDR4
    256GB Inland M.2 SSD
    EVGA 550 BS Modular ATX PSU
    Montech Flyer Case
    Logitech EX 110 Cordless Keyboard and Mouse
    Windows 10 Pro

    Is this a CPU or motherboard issue or both?

    spmrebel, Nov 3, 2021
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