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Monitor goes into standby mode during boot up - GART Crash?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by TVeblen, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. TVeblen

    TVeblen Guest

    When I boot my box (cold boot or warm) the monitor works normally during
    BIOS screens and right up until after the Windows XP splash screen
    disappears. Then there is a pause in the boot process, the monitor power
    button changes from green to orange, a 10 second or so delay, then the power
    button turns green again and the rest of the boot goes normally. I'm trying
    to eliminate this minor annoyance.
    The graphics card is an Asus branded Radeon 9800 Pro with 256MB. The MB is a
    P4C800E-Deluxe. There is no on board video.

    When I first built the system I hooked it up to a MAG 720v CRT monitor via
    the analog connector on the card. There were some issues getting the monitor
    to work with the Radeon. I had to set some non-native resolutions and
    refresh rates on the monitor. The delay occurred with the MAG from the
    get-go. Obviously, the event occurs because the display is changing from
    default 480x640 at boot to the preset display resolution when Windows loads.
    I figured it was a MAG related problem and knowing I would upgrade the
    monitor eventually, I ignored it.

    So yesterday I upgraded. I moved a Dell 1901FP LCD digital monitor that I
    have been
    using on another system for 2 years and hooked it up to this system via the
    DVI-D connector fully expecting the boot issue to disappear. No luck. Still
    does it. This delay does not occur on another XP system with an ATI Radeon
    9200SE card, either with the new LCD monitor or did it with the old 1901.

    I have:
    Installed the monitor drivers.
    Updated the video driver (way back, during MAG days). (*see next post for
    additional driver issue).
    Removed and reinstalled the video drivers and GART chipset.
    Checked to see that the resolution and refresh rates are native to the
    monitor and the card.
    Changed the resolution and refresh rates to other native settings.
    In BIOS, toggled the PnP aware OS option from Yes to No, and from No to Yes.
    In BIOS, changed the Graphics Aperture setting from default 64MB to 128, and

    Other than this boot delay, everything works fine with the video.
    Anyone have any ideas on solving this annoyance?
    TVeblen, Jun 8, 2006
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  2. TVeblen

    TVeblen Guest

    When I uninstall the ATI drivers and software and the card is running in
    standard VGA the system boots normally.
    TVeblen, Jun 8, 2006
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  3. TVeblen

    TVeblen Guest

    This thread was most informative:
    (Scoll to the bottom, look for "Long Post - Get a Coke")

    and describes my symptoms exactly. That fix sound like no fun at all. That
    guy was possessed!
    Any one know of a way to reset EDID with an ATI card? Freeware download, one
    click and done? ;-)
    TVeblen, Jun 10, 2006
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