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Discussion in 'Abit' started by jokyjoky, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. jokyjoky

    jokyjoky Guest

    OK, I didn't get a response to my post about needing help with m
    computer. Maybe i didn't provide enough detail? Hmm. Well, I read
    an FAQ that suggested this might be true. I hope the following helps
    in that regard. My silly mistake was using the wrong graphics card
    for a 64 bit processor (I believe). I should have stuck with my card
    which is an ATI 9250/128 MB DDR TV-OUT DVI 64 Bit card. My motherboard
    is an ABIT KV* pro Motherboard. I am getting an error code of 25
    which I believe has something to do with trying to locate the
    motherboard. I have been trying to get it right, but I haven't
    located anything on-line that clues me into how to fix this code. I
    tried resetting the CCMOS jumper alone, then with the power sources
    unplugged. I took all peripherals out of computer and left graphics
    card in and the sytem still wouldn't load, so I figure it has to be
    related to the graphics card. Any suggestions would be more than
    welcome. I am simply trying to get the system to work again.

    jokyjoky, Jul 3, 2007
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  2. jokyjoky

    davy Guest

    Have a look here pick your mobo or bios and see if the code is listed-:
    'Bios Central' (

    Pretty sure error 25 on a Abit is related to the Graphic card, could be
    wrong mind.

    You'll get bios boot and be able to access the bios with just the CPU,
    RAM and Graphic card, all the rest can be disconnected and ignored,
    including the hard drive.

    Best plan is 'BTB' Back to Basic's, aim at getting the bios to boot
    otherwise nothing else will happen, check all the links and clocking
    speed settings or restore it to as it was when it was working.

    Maybe there is a reason that you wanted to swap the Graphic card, would
    there be any clues here and was the machine working perfectly prior to
    changing the card?

    davy, Jul 3, 2007
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  3. jokyjoky

    Vanguard Guest

    jokyjoky wrote in message
    Explain how you can use the wrong graphics card for any CPU type. The
    card either fits in the slot or it doesn't. If it fits in the slot then
    it is the correct type of video card.
    And that error code appears when? During the POST? While Windows is
    So have you tried booting into Safe Mode (assuming you are talking about
    Windows but you never did mention WHICH operating system you use) and
    then load the CORRECT drivers for whatever video card was currently
    inserted into the slot?
    Vanguard, Jul 3, 2007
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