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More Productive? Two 21" or One 24"

Discussion in 'Matrox' started by Al Franz, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Al Franz

    Al Franz Guest

    Since Matrox makes so many dual monitor cards wondering what others think?
    Since price is about the same which is considered a more productive setup;
    purchasing two 21" monitors or a single 24"?

    Have never used a two monitor setup but I can see the advantage of having
    two separate applications at full screen has an advantage over having to
    resize windows to fit in a larger 24" workspace. Is that correct? Do others
    Al Franz, Jun 3, 2006
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  2. Al Franz

    Jorgen Grahn Guest

    It depends on what kind of work you do, of course!

    IMHO, if people haven't used a window manager with support for virtual
    screens (or "multiple desktops" etc; there's no standard terminology), then
    they should try that first.

    Briefly, you can have software make it appear as if you have many screens,
    and a keyboard shortcut to switch between them in milliseconds. That's
    enough for many kinds of work.

    One such software for Windows is "qvirtualdesktop". It's available for free.

    (If you already know about such software, you can ignore this message. It's
    just that I've seen organizations purchase double TFT monitors, when the
    software solution would have been perfectly adequate ...)

    Jorgen Grahn, Jun 3, 2006
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