Motherboard Problem.

Discussion in 'AOpen' started by DadeMurphy1984, May 2, 2007.

  1. I have a strange problem or should I say a strange fix. My computer
    "handcrafted" shall we say. I bought an AGP X1600 pro. My motherboard
    is a AX4SPE MAX (aopen) There is no on-board graphics. If I put in a
    different graphics card other than the x1600 pro my computer boots up
    and works just fine. If my x1600 pro is put in another computer it
    works fine. If the X1600pro is in my computer it won't even post...
    but i found out.. IF i turn on my PC without the graphics card in
    it.Then put in the X1600pro and hit the reset. It works just fine!
    (YES, I just said that and i've done it for a good six months at
    least.) I was just wondering WHY? Is there a fix short of buying new
    hardware? Are my devices not compatable?(they seem to work just fine
    together) The power supply fully supports the size of graphics card.
    I've even tried another power supply. The computer won't even post
    when the x1600 pro is in it. Its just like when you got a bad
    motherboard. I've tried a new motherboard too. Same problem. (In
    hindsight i should have bought a different brand motherboard). So...
    Should I buy another graphics card? How do I know its won't happen
    again. The Graphics card that works just fine with it is OLD. Any

    Thanks in Advance.
    DadeMurphy1984, May 2, 2007
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