Motherboard Replacement - HP Pavilion XT933

Discussion in 'HP' started by j-net, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. j-net

    j-net Guest

    I've got a Pavilion XT933 that I'm working on for
    a friend that won't turn on.

    The power supply is working fine (I tested it in
    another computer), the cpu fan works and I can
    hear the hard drive start up but; nothing else
    happens, not a single beep. I'm assuming it needs
    a new motherboard, otherwise I would expect at
    least error code beeps. (If you have any other
    ideas, please let me know)

    Does anyone know of a decent replacement board for
    these machines? I'd like to find a motherboard
    that will fit into the existing case if at all
    possible. The current board is listed on the hp
    site as manufactured by Trigem and has all the
    connections for video, sound, & LAN on a metal
    plate with the USB, PS2 and other connectors.
    I've installed a few motherboards with sound and
    video on board, but they used an expansion slot
    and connected to the board with a cable & plug.

    It has a 1 Ghz processor, that I haven't been
    able to test, but I might be able to convince
    him to upgrade w/ a combo deal. I tested the
    memory (PC100 SDRAM) in another machine and it is
    fine. It has the video, sound, and LAN all
    on-board. I'd rather not have to replace it all
    with individual cards.

    There are so many different boards out there I
    could spends weeks trying to find one. I've
    already been to many online stores, but have yet
    to find what I'm looking for.

    I'd love to hear if anyone has any suggestions or
    knows of a motherboard database.


    j-net, Sep 25, 2003
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  2. j-net

    craigm Guest

    You have a
    1 GHz Athlon chip
    micro ATX form factor motherboard.

    You probably need to find a motherboard that uses (my guess) a
    Athlon/Thunderbird processor. That also fits your case. To find something
    new may be difficult. You will probably be looking at something used.

    If you wish to upgrade with a Pentium 4 processor, you'll probably need a
    new power supply that supports the 12v power for the processor (your
    existing power supply may, or may not have this connector).

    Have you considered Ebay for a used computer? A used Pavilion XT series can
    be found for $300.

    Have you considered that a new computer that may be twice as fast is less
    than $500?

    If you don't go with an exact replacement, you'll either end up
    re-installing the operating system or having a long battle with drivers.
    Without an exact HP replacement, you'll be unable to use the recovery disks
    for the system.

    My suggestion would be to get a new low cost system and mount the hard drive
    from the old system as a secondary drive. (You probably won't keep the
    software, but you will have any data on the drive.

    A new system also comes with a warranty.

    craigm, Sep 25, 2003
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  3. j-net

    Just mee Guest

    Personally, I would not worry about trying to
    fit a new motherboard into the old, existing hp case..
    The hp cases are notorious for being tight on space,
    and having weak power supplies... I would bite the bullet
    and spend the extra $30.00-$40.00 to get a basic mid tower case
    with a 300 watt power supply already installed, which would
    give you a great deal more power, as well as ventilation..
    I would simply choose a motherboard that accepts your CPU
    (at the bottom end of the motherboard's CPU range),and memory..
    The hp components will thank you for the extra
    ventilation, as well as being properly powered.


    Just mee, Sep 25, 2003
  4. j-net

    Ben Myers Guest

    Good suggestion. What you said applies equally to eMachines. Same contract
    manufacturer. Same metal parts in the case. Different plastic on the front.
    Different paint on the metal. The little cases suck, but they do not suck
    enough air to ventilate the system adequately. Had a hard drive burn out in one
    here lately. Lightly used system, well cared for by owner... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Sep 25, 2003
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