Motherboards by ASUS, last decade that support real LSI9361 raid card.

Discussion in 'Asus' started by SAVVY2, Aug 3, 2021.

  1. SAVVY2


    Aug 3, 2021
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    Many mobo's new 2021 do not allow older raid cards in UEFI , got that. and know why...
    but most do if MOBo BIOS is set to CSM

    what motherboads of Asus support my 2015 RAID card,
    so its WebBIOS is not dead. Control + G mode.
    most good mobo have BIOS setting like "OPROM or BIOS ROM extentions enabled"
    LSI= Broadcom= Avago. now. LSI-9361-8e+super cap cache. PCI-e in top slot , x16, no video cards wanted. here.
    2013 to 2018 made. (at least)

    I run RAID 6 (8 drives)
    and one RAID 0 for pure speed, here. (video rendering, not backup)

    not sure the best list here,
    shortest. or long, good Mobo i guess is long.
    or bad mobo,,. my guess the short list is bad mobo that will not allow LSI cards.(ROM BLOCKS hard)

    and last and most hard to learn,
    does ASUS plan to always offer CSM mode on all newer MOBO?

    sorry for hard questions but those are all I have,
    ASUS user 1995 to now. love the company.
    SAVVY2, Aug 3, 2021
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