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Mouse freeze and slow redraw on explorer and internet explorer

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by AM, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. AM

    AM Guest

    Hi everyone,

    Just recently I became interested in tablet pc development and decided to
    try what a recent article in the msdn stated. I bought a wacom digitizer
    tablet, formatted my desktop pc and installed Tablet PC OS in it. Since the
    OS is a superset of XP, I didn't think I was going to hit any brick walls.
    Unfortunately, I did.

    Everything is ok except explorer is unusually slow at redrawing itself at
    times. For instance, when the task tray hides the inactive icons or you
    click the arrow to show inactive icons, the mouse freezes and does not move
    until all the icons are shown or hidden.

    Also, when browsing through folders the mouse freezes for a second after
    opening up a new folder which slows me down more than it seems. This also
    happens sometimes when opening up a program group in the start menu.

    The problem seems to be reduced almost entirely when using a limited user
    account but it is very annoying when I have to use the administrator account.
    The other odd part is that if I'm logged in as a limited user I can browse
    my folders with hardly any delay but if I run a new instance of explorer
    using the runas dialog, browsing in that window will cause the mouse delays
    to begin happening again.

    I was using regular XP Pro SP 2 before and I did not have any of these
    problems. I have formatted my PC 3 times trying out different things to
    resolve this problem but have had not luck. I'm using the same hardware as
    before installing the tablet pc os and using the same drivers for all of my
    components. The only new hardware I added was the digitizer tablet which I
    made sure not to include on my last format but that did not help. I've
    killed every task I could but none of them seems to make my mouse work
    normally again.

    I would be very grateful for any assistance as this is really annoying and I
    have exhausted all of my possibilities short of removing the tablet pc os and
    going back to xp sp 2 which I do not want to do unless I absolutely have to.
    AM, Dec 1, 2004
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  2. AM

    Chris H. Guest

    You might try creating a new user account with Admin rights. Make sure
    you've got all the current drivers for your computer installed. There were
    a lot of changes made with XP SP2, and most OEM hardware suppliers have
    updated their software. If you continue to have issues, you may want to
    post to the microsoft.public.windows.tabletpc.developer newsgroup where
    other developers run systems similar to what you're using.
    Chris H., Dec 1, 2004
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  3. AM

    AM Guest

    Thank you for your reply Chris.

    Unfortunately, I have logged in using multiple Admin accounts but they all
    exhibit the same behavior. I have logged in as the local Admin account and I
    have logged in as the domain admin account of my little domain setup at home
    and they both have the same problem.

    I will post this in the developers section so that hopefully someone can
    help me with this.

    Thanks again.
    AM, Dec 1, 2004
  4. AM

    Chris H. Guest

    Sorry, I didn't realize a domain was involved in it. When you're running
    cross-platform, i.e., not totally Tablet-enabled, you will be seeing issues
    because the "other" OS is not Tablet- or Ink-aware, such as described in
    this Knowledge Base article:
    http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;814066 . There are
    even known issues of running Remote Desktop from one Tablet PC to another.
    Chris H., Dec 1, 2004
  5. AM

    AM Guest

    I can understand this OS having some problems communicating over the network
    with other non-tablet machines through remote desktop, etc. but the problems
    I'm experiencing are all within the same computer. My computer with XP Pro
    SP2 works fine, the same PC with Tablet PC OS SP2 has these issues when
    browsing on the local machine.

    I noticed this happened even before I got the machine to join the network
    and my domain as I don't do PC formatting with the PC attached to a network
    with an internet connection. Its not the best of ideas as the PC will have
    not been patched and therefore not be very secure.

    Thanks again for the help though. I'm glad that you are looking into this
    problem and trying to help me out.
    AM, Dec 1, 2004
  6. AM

    Chris H. Guest

    Microsoft is looking into the issues, not I. I'm a user just like you. :cool:

    What is your networking setup? Are you on 802.11b, g or a? The network
    traffic could have an effect on what you're seeing when you're working with
    a different machine.

    Same for the Tablet running Windows XP Pro SP2 and the Tablet PC 2005
    Edition. The normal, XP functions should not be hampered. If you're having
    issues browsing, I'd suggest taking a look at the information here:
    www.aumha.org/secure.htm. Even though we're running XP SP2 with the
    firewall (and I'm behind a router, too), it pays to run programs like
    AdAware, etc., quite often.
    Chris H., Dec 1, 2004
  7. AM

    AM Guest

    Thanks again Chris. Based on your reply I think I should clarify some things.

    First, to answer your questions, I'm on a wire-only network. No wireless
    ethernet. Just a netgear firewall router, an 8 port switch and 9 machines.

    I do not have any tablet PCs. All of my machines are regular desktops.
    What I did was remove XP Pro from one of these machines (my main machine at
    that) and install the tablet PC OS from my MSDN subscription. I read in an
    article in the MSDN that you can use XP Pro to write tablet PC apps on your
    desktop using Visual Studio and the tablet PC SDK but you won't get the ink
    input panel and the control panel applet for the pen unless you have the
    tablet PC OS installed.

    The article said that you can install the tablet PC OS on a regular desktop
    machine just make sure you have a digitizer tablet connected to the machine
    otherwise you are not going to see any difference between the tablet PC OS
    install and the regular XP installation.

    I did just that and now I'm having these mouse/redraw problems. I get these
    problems when using the desktop machine with the tablet PC OS. I'm not
    trying to access any machines from the network through shares, remote
    desktop, etc. I'm just browsing on explorer in the local machine with tablet
    PC OS installed.

    I would imagine something was going to go wrong but the problem is almost
    completely gone when I log in with my regular user account. It still happens
    but it is not as pronounced. It's definately not a lack of computer power.
    I have a 2800 Athlon XP processor, 1GB of RAM, an nForce3 motherboard with
    dual channel DDR, two SATA harddrives on RAID 0 for performance and a GeForce

    I've kept my eyes on the task manager and explorer's CPU usages spikes up
    while these freezes happen. It doesn't hit 100% usage (atleast I can't see
    if it does) as it happens fairly quickly but it happens constantly and really
    gets in the way of my work.

    In any event, I will visit the link you kindly supplied.
    AM, Dec 1, 2004
  8. AM

    Chris H. Guest

    Ah! Okay, I seem to recall that in this conversation somewhere. I think I
    also may have recommended posting the issues you're seeing to the
    microsoft.public.windows.tabletpc.developer newsgroup for clarification of
    how you're supposed to do what you're doing from the folks who are
    developing programs on their desktops.

    I know it can be done properly, and with the SDK 1.7 installed (I cheat and
    read that newsgroup, too), but don't develop programs so don't have a clue
    how it is done. :cool: I do know all the Tablet PC Edition environment and
    subsequent programs like Windows Journal and OneNote heavily relied on
    desktop dev and testing.

    I'd suggest you check over in the other newsgroup, or do a little search for
    some of the posts from Stefan Wick of Microsoft before asking. He may have
    already covered the topic for you. :cool: Good luck with it!
    Chris H., Dec 1, 2004
  9. AM

    AM Guest

    Thanks again Chris (I've said that like 5 million times already).

    As you said, I will and already posted this on the developer's newsgroup.
    Hopefully someone there has come across this as well as figured out a
    solution for it.
    AM, Dec 1, 2004
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