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Discussion in 'FIC' started by clyde, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. clyde

    clyde Guest

    Need some help! I have a computer that the mouse pointer freezes up and you
    can't even cntrl/alt/del to shut down or restart you have to hit the reset
    button. I have replace the motherboard, cpu, psu, mouse, modem,
    monitor,cdrw, keyboard.Swapped out the memory and tested memmory with
    memtest. Everything except the floppy and Hardrive<<< which will be next.

    xp1700 amd
    ms -6378 ver 3.0 bios 3.2 w/onboard graphics/sound/lan
    sdram pc 133 256mb
    Liteon 41x12x48
    maxtar 20gig ata 100 7200rpm
    cheap modem
    ms keyboard and optical mouse
    300w Deer psu
    winxp home edition
    No heating issues
    than i went and changed to the following

    AMD 1.1ghz200fsb
    FIC AZ11-E the latest bios(cpu+mainboard+vidcar was working fine in another
    set up)
    Sdram pc 133 256mb
    ATI 7000 ddr 32mb
    Liteon 48x24x48
    same Hardrive
    different Modem
    linksys nic

    Installed all the latest drivers.

    Same problem. Mouse pointer freezes and keyboard doesn't seem to work. It
    just does it randomly. I have caught it doing it with both set ups.
    Could the hardrive do this?
    clyde, Sep 16, 2003
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  2. clyde

    clyde Guest

    i replaced the psu with a 400 watt also
    clyde, Sep 16, 2003
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