Mouse Freezes Unless in Safe Boot

Discussion in 'Apple' started by snapkrclpp, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. snapkrclpp

    snapkrclpp Guest

    I am currently using a iMac 450 DV G3, and Mac OS 10.2.8. I recently tried
    to install an old HP Deskjet 648c printer, and after downloading and
    installing a current driver from HP, upon restart, my mouse freezes and
    will not scroll at all. If I restart in safe boot, by holding down the
    shift key, the computer restarts and the mouse works fine.

    I have tried using the uninstall feature of the HP driver install program
    to remove it, but it said there were some items either currently in use, or
    shared items, and it did not remove everything. When I restarted the
    computer again without using the safe boot option, the mouse still freezes.
    Once again, restarting in safe boot, the mouse works fine.

    Obviously, the HP installer installed something that conflicts with the
    mouse when I'm not in safe boot. Does anyone know what file I need to
    manually remove, or what I need to replace with the older item, or is there
    another fix to this dilema? And where would that file be located at? I
    have a copy of 10.2.6 on another partition on my hard drive, and can pull
    the needed replacement file from there if it is just a matter of replacing
    what new file HP installed on the other system.

    Thank you.

    snapkrclpp, Sep 6, 2004
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